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If you like Traincraft and want to learn more about it, you can check back here every once in a while to see updates on the mod and other cool things. I’ll be writing things up on the subjects of coding, new features, and possibly videos. It can also happen that I add additional topics, such as 3d modelling, texturing … Read More

MrbrutalWhat you will see here:

Traincraft for Minecraft 1.7.10.

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It’s finally here, with a lot of help from the community. Traincraft for Minecraft 1.7.10. is out and you can now keep on playing it. This is just an update of the existing functionality, the total rewrite is in the works. Here is where you can get it: CurseForge: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/traincraft Official website: http://www.traincraft-mod.com We also have a new Minecraft-Forum thread: … Read More

MrbrutalTraincraft for Minecraft 1.7.10.

3D modeling for Minecraft: 2. Modeling (part 2)

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Now that you had some time to mock or model something up, it needs a texture, and it also needs to be prepared for exporting. Because we’re obviously doing this go get the model to Minecraft, right? So, today, we’ll take a look at how to UV-unwrap, optimize and fix errors that might have occurred during the modeling process. But … Read More

Mrbrutal3D modeling for Minecraft: 2. Modeling (part 2)

3D modeling for Minecraft: 2. Modeling (part 1)

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In this post, we’ll take a closer look, at how to model things in Cinema 4D. You can get it here: http://www.maxon.net/products/cinema-4d-studio/who-should-use-it.html Again, make sure you also have the BodyPaint module or if you have the Studio version it should already be included. Now that you’ve opened it there’s something you should always check first. By pressing Ctrl+D you can … Read More

Mrbrutal3D modeling for Minecraft: 2. Modeling (part 1)

3D modeling for Minecraft: 1. Software (part 1)

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So let’s have a closer look at the modeling software you can use, to make those cool 3D models in Minecraft. You can get it here: http://techne.zeux.me/ Now there are 2 ways to use it. Use it online without the need to have anything on your computer -> here, or if you prefer you can install the whole thing on … Read More

Mrbrutal3D modeling for Minecraft: 1. Software (part 1)

So you want to make 3D models for Minecraft

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How do you go about it, what do you need to know, and is it easy? Read on and find out! The making of models is pretty straight forward, all you need is some 3d modeling experience, good spatial perception, and the source material or photos of what you’re actually trying to model. Then some texturing skills or pixel art … Read More

MrbrutalSo you want to make 3D models for Minecraft

The code is out!

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So, the code has been open sourced. Now before I go into detail on where to get it, let me explain some things first. The license that has been used is similar to the one Railcraft has, which means that contributions are fine(You have to sign an agreement), but just coping the code and calling it your own isn’t. Also … Read More

MrbrutalThe code is out!

Open source

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So after some deliberation, and a talk with my friend and co-writer Spitfire4466 we’ve decided that the best thing to do, since we’re pressed for time as it is, is to open source the mod in hopes of continuation. Now before anything else, let me put some misconceptions out there to rest. Spitfire4466 didn’t leave because we had our differences, … Read More

MrbrutalOpen source

Want to help out? part 2

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So by now you’ve probably heard that in the earlier post I asked for help. I’ve let it run for about a week now and we’ve had quite a few people offer to help. (There’ll be a graph down below, for those graph lovers). Now I’ve taken the time to reply to everyone that sent the submission, so everyone should … Read More

MrbrutalWant to help out? part 2

Want to help out?

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I’ve had people ask me this all the time, so it’s time to actually do it for real now. But as I imagine there’s a lot of you out there who¬†want to help, I’ll have to divide, or test somehow as I can’t have everyone on the team. For obvious reasons. So let me just write down what I actually … Read More

MrbrutalWant to help out?

New site, patreon goals

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So it’s been a while since I did a post and it’s high time I did one. As the title says there’s been some new things done for Traincraft, namely the new website, some Patreon goals were reached and more. You might have seen it already, but the website at traincraft-mod.com has been redone, and now looks like a proper … Read More

MrbrutalNew site, patreon goals