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So it’s finally here. The all new and exciting, mostly bug free Traincraft 4. I took us a bit longer then expected, but we finally are ready for a release. But on the other hand you get a less buggy mod. We are also moving the mod out of the “dev” state, since we’ve been able to work all those nastis out. Now I’m not going to go into detail as to what was done or added, you’ll have to find it out on your own, but believe me when I say it is good. πŸ™‚ For more detailed view of the changes you can read the changelog here: Changelog.txt

But for those who can’t download or are at work, here’s some images to make the time pass a little faster.

2013-05-15_14.27.11 2013-05-15_14.30.46
So without further ado, here is the version for you to download and play:


Now for the install you’ll need Forge obviously, but the forum has all the info you need on how to install and what version to go with. The mod will work on both Minecraft 1.5.1 and 1.5.2 so there’s no need to send us messages or post questions like “When will you update to 1.5.2”. It’s here, it works, use it. πŸ˜› But if you do find any bugs, of which I’m sure there will be some, please post us a crash report and any info on the Forums, so we can take actions to fix it.


Have fun playing,

Mrbrutal & Spitfire4466

MrbrutalTraincraft 4.0.0

6 Comments on “Traincraft 4.0.0”

  1. Minecraftair

    Jes Jes Jes!
    You are the best!!! I download it tomorrow!!! I am very exitet!!!
    …I am thinking to install it on my Server…
    Please visit my Website an help my…

  2. Swiss_Kid

    HE’LL YEA, I’ve been waiting this since, and now it’s here… FINALLY!!! After I’m back home from state track meet, I’m downloading this and and enjoy the s**t out of it >_< ^0^


  3. Carlos Mendeza

    Awesome guys, Love the new models!
    Three questions though:
    1) have the high speed trains and heavy locomotive been removed I can’t seem to find them?
    2) Are there plans for updating the rest of the models to some shiny new “Hi-Def” ones?
    3) Is there anyway you guys could get more awesome? (Besides making more rolling stock color-able, but I assume that is an upcoming feature.)

    1. Mrbrutal

      1. They were removed for various reasons, mostly for being “ugly” and not working correctly. High speeds do not bode well with minecraft and things go wrong very quickly.

      2. Yes the plan is to have all trains look like that eventually. If we can manage it.

      3. You just wait and see πŸ˜‰

      1. Carlos Mendeza


        Referring to the speed problem I have been seeing Minecraft’s dislike of speed with some of the faster engines with small trains. The cars behind will lag for a second at the chunk boundary and rubber band back sometimes past the engine. I’m guessing it’s Minecraft’s fault though. (It’s just in testing that it’s a problem most trains I run on severs either are too long to go that fast (100 KPH +) or run on tracks with many curves.)

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