Traincraft 4.0.0 take 2

MrbrutalTraincraft7 Comments

Yes you’ve read that right. We managed to give out a version that had some bugs still left in it. Aren’t we the professionals. (Just like Mojang)

So here it is again, Traincraft 4, updated with some bugs fixed. If you’ve already made a world chance is the ores won’t spawn in your near vicinity so you’ll probably have to go to an undiscovered part, or just make a new world. We’re sorry for this inconvenience but sometimes things slip by. 🙂 The forum and the wiki will also be updated shortly with the new links, and we won’t officially make a new version of it. So just re-download and hopefully have fun this time, for real.

As usual you can send us the bugs you find on the forums and we will do our best to fix them as soon as possible.



MrbrutalTraincraft 4.0.0 take 2

7 Comments on “Traincraft 4.0.0 take 2”

  1. Bigglesworth

    Would you guys consider changing the version number in ‘’ from 4.0.0 to 4.0.0_032 (or whatever is thge latest revision)? It would be a great help when not sure exactly what revision im running and have to manually go in and check.

      1. Bigglesworth

        I understand, but that means I have to go though the process of opening the game up and waiting for it to launch instead of just having an easy to see indication right by the MultiMC versioning column like every other mod Thats why its there. Its about consistency. Right now I just manually edit it myself so it displays properly.

  2. Jesus1208

    I don’t understand how it work the Tracks Builder… can you help me?
    P.S. sorry for the bad english… I am german…

  3. Tryston9876

    for some reason when i put this mod in my mod pack it works but when i go to the erebus
    dimension it fails and crashes

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