Traincraft 4.0.2.

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New version, new goodies to play with. In this version (with some crucial bug fixes), we bring you some new trains to play with.

Since it’s been removed due to being old and not working properly, people have been missing and requesting this a lot, so now it’s back, looking even better than before. Here it is the new High speed locomotive, and in addition to that, a New York subway tram, for all your subway networks out there. πŸ™‚

In addition to that, the lanters can now be coloured specifically.

Download the new version here, the same install instructions as always.


MrbrutalTraincraft 4.0.2.

12 Comments on “Traincraft 4.0.2.”

  1. IlikeTrainsLOL

    A: this new train actually looks like one of the shinkansens if my mind is right.
    B: love the designs of both the trains, shall be downloading as soon as I have access to my MC computer… Thanks mrbrutal and spitfire as well as all of those that reported bugs to improve the game!

  2. happybudgie

    Can you please add an Universal Electricity API, so I can use UE to get Power from the Wind- and Water wheels??
    That would be awesome if you can!!! πŸ™‚

    1. Mrbrutal

      Last we checked there were some compatibility issues with IC2 experimental, but as soon as that’s resolved it will be included.

  3. happybudgie

    Thanks! And I`ve found a Bug in the current Version v4.1.0_006. I cannot use or place a Tank Wagon.
    It says something is going wrong with the “rolling tile-entity” or something. Please fix that if you can! πŸ™‚

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