Traincraft for Minecraft 1.6.2.

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It seems it is appropriate to write something on this subject as everyone is on the edge of their seat, spamming the F5  button, waiting on Traincraft. Well let me explain when it’s released and why it’s not released already. Updating takes time. Plain and simple. And considering our friends at Mojang keep throwing updates at us at a steady pace, there is a lot of waiting involved on the player side. Nothing much we can do about that, sorry. We could speed up the development, but frankly we have other things to deal with in real life as well.


Atop all of that, we also have to wait for other moders to update their mods, as we depend on their APIs. For those unfamiliar with APIs, those are essentially libraries of code that make interaction with other mods possible and easy to manage. So I’m afraid we can’t do much until those things are updated, and since we’ve come to support connectivity with quite a few mods, the wait is that much longer.


For the ones waiting here’s a picture of things to come, and let’s hope we can get the update out as soon as possible.

MrbrutalTraincraft for Minecraft 1.6.2.

20 Comments on “Traincraft for Minecraft 1.6.2.”

  1. Doug

    As a big fan of this mod, and literally up in arms when a friend told me they stop programming this mod for 1.6.2 I was going to to go to your site, download the source code and start i didn’t care how long it was going to take I just wanted to make sure it keeps going. However I am happy to see there are just as many people that care about this as i do, and a lot of the programers in the community are whiling to help as well.

    1. Mrbrutal

      Well your friend has bad info. We never said we’d stop or abandon. I am, as I’ve done for every version since 1.3.2 going to update the mod when I get all the resources.

      Also, you can’t get the code, so without permission you can’t “continue” on your own.

      1. CaptainVelocity

        YES I absolutley love this mod and only use maybe too many items with it but that all I would love to see this mod release to 1.6.2 in the near future. I wish I could help but I don’t know how. XD Best of Wishes

      2. CaptainVelocity

        Mr. Brutal you and Spitfire should release two different versions of traincraft for 1.6.2 one that can be used with other mods (once it is ready) and one that is for just itself with no other mods but Traincraft. If you like this idea please respond so I can know about it. Thanks! 😉

        1. Mrbrutal

          I’m thinking you’re asking this, so we could go around the waiting for other mods, and update faster. But even if we do a version that doesn’t support other mods, we’d still have to wait, since we use the APIs. So nothing changes, but if you want a different package just to play Traincraft only, I think it should work already, but we can look into it, I’m sure.

  2. TheEpicTrainBoy

    OMG IT’S A SHAY!!!! 😀 x 1000000000000000000000000000

    This is my favorite mod which I have ever used. I have posted some stuff on the Traincraft forums (but now I can’t find the forums D: ). I was the one who posted the really, really long thread about the geared locomotives. I am literally bouncing up and down because you listened and you did it.

    Thank you, Traincraft!!!

    P.S. My brain is overflowing with ideas for Traincraft, such as track gauge and stuff.

    Feel free to leave a comment in response to my comment 😀

      1. Denkhak

        Yeah, me too. I stopped playing Minecraft, but then I decided to look to see if they had a train mod. I can’t wait for the update.

  3. Gildan

    Die Züge und Wagons buggen sich immer wieder durch die Decke und stehen dann auf dem Dach. Habe Traincraft 4.0.2

  4. Gildan

    Trains and Wagons Buggen again and again through the ceiling and then stand on the roof. I Train Craft 4.0.2

  5. Train Master

    Beautiful, It would be great to fix textures on the SD70 and stop them from clipping on turns, switches and hills.
    Maybe add another hit box?
    Also the trains need to be smarter when it comes to switches, they glitch out and look bad!

  6. Giancarlo

    hello i wanted to say that the new version of minecraft 1.6.2 the supports can do and I recommend 1.5.2 as new desarrolo that fence passenger cars more without changing the way people atte a fan

  7. Larky2k

    Shay = Amazing
    All we need now with this mod is bigger radius of turns and points so Trains look better 🙂 *wishing with all my mite*

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  10. josh

    hey could you make an installer thingy like skydaz im stuck with the 1.4.5 version on a modpack

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