Started on the 1.6.2. update of Traincraft

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So as the title says, I officially started the update to 1.6.2., after the release of all the APIs we need. Granted this is somewhat later then I had hoped, but life got in the way. But now I’m in it and committed to finish this as soon as humanly possible. Here I wrote the general things needed to do an update, so you can somewhat see, what goes on when we have to update the mod. First things first:

  • – Update all the files, install Forge. (Takes forever, but gets all the files I need)
  • – Update the APIs and the .jar libraries, update eclipse workspace
  • – Have a heart attack upon seeing the errors, fall into depression, start to work out where to start.



(Here you can see the extent of the damage)

  • – Fix errors one by one, until you can finally start the game and see it has a million bugs.
  • – Fix bugs, do a test build at the end, test test test.
  • – Make everything ready for a release.


Hope this helps some people understand the work and time we put into this, making every single version compatible, and ready for everyone to enjoy. If you want to know some other stuff about how things are done, ask below and I will try to explain or show.


MrbrutalStarted on the 1.6.2. update of Traincraft

13 Comments on “Started on the 1.6.2. update of Traincraft”

  1. Xhale1

    Hi, I love this mod and can’t wait till it updates so I’m here to help, if you need any help updating, especially with the textures, id love to help, please.

  2. William

    If you are working on the 1.6.2 version or current version, when do you think that the version will be done? I’ve been poking around a while for a new train mod because that “Rails of War” mod was crap. I am very interested and cant wait for the mod to be done!

  3. Anna

    I’ve not been able to download Traincraft at all because I have 1.6.2. I would gladly convert to 1.5.2 if I could figure out how to do it just to get Traincraft! Also, all of the youtube and lists of how to download Traincraft are very poorly done as people talk so fast and assume that everyone is very literate in the computer world. For those of us who can follow directions but a step by step approach, this isn’t good. Please find someone who can speak clearly and slowly go through the steps to download and run this wonderful mod. We really do appreciate all you do! Do you really, really need to sleep?? 🙂 Thank you so much for all you do! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

  4. CaptainVelocity

    I can’t wait for this mod to be released I loved it 1.5.2 but I can’t wait for the new update. 🙂

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