Traincraft 4.1.0 for Minecraft 1.6.2

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Here it is at last. A bit later than we hoped, but hey, it’s here now right? And we’re still happy to work on it.

This time I’m not going to ramble, just post some notable features, and let you get to playing. If you find any bugs, as usual post them on the forums, or here, or PM me, or twitter, you know whatever works for you.


New things:

  • – Bunch of new trains: Shay, logging cart, caboose,  new steam locomotive
  • – A new way of turning for trains, no more weird corners. (Well less weird) A note of warning, please don’t spawn trains on slopes or too short tracks or you’ll have weird things happen.
  • – A way to lock trains from GUI to prevent other people from stealing or messing with them
  • – Ton of fixes and updates.

Here’s the turning in color, and there’s also a video Spitfire made here:

New turning (Also I would like to thank our friend Naiten over at the Rails of war mod for helping us do this fancy turning mechanic)


You can read the changelog here and you can download the mod here:


MrbrutalTraincraft 4.1.0 for Minecraft 1.6.2

30 Comments on “Traincraft 4.1.0 for Minecraft 1.6.2”

  1. icecube

    I like this mod very much, but i have a big problem my game was crashed when I put “TankWagonUS” to the rails. I hope it will be fix in the future.

  2. William

    Is there tutorials for using trains coming? I’d really like that and appreciate it but this mod, I have been dying for it to come out because I was looking for a new train mod, well…I LOVE THIS ONE. Thanks!!!! I need help with the track builder.

  3. 0235

    thank you so much for all your time effort, and patients. and not just going “oh shut the hell up you whining gits” 🙂

    shame another mod i use is a bit broken in 1.6.2 :'(

  4. AnubianSaint

    Having trouble with the mod. When I try to craft an item it uncrafts itself and the parts return to the table. Any ideas?

      1. AnubianSaint

        I was trying to make the Train Guide on a crafting table. After that didn’t work I tried making assembly table I I think on the crafting table as well but that may need to be train workbench. I actually found the problem only happened in my MP server and it was because I didn’t install it in the server but when I tried to install it my server now Crashes. Is this not for servers?

          1. AnubianSaint

            Both sides of what? I have the .jar file in the mods folder under my server folder. If I try to run the forge server it crashes.

  5. AnubianSaint

    I’ve noticed in using the mod that the furnaces aren’t able to use the blocks of coal as a cooking source. I don’t know if this is a bug or simply something that was not included yet or was left out intentionally. Just curious and wanted to know.

  6. happybudgie

    Mrbrutal, sorry if I`am “spamming” you. But I´ve found a bug in the tank wagon: it`s not placeable without crashing the game.
    And it seem so the mod is currently unstable… .
    There are some smaller Bugs with the crafting recipes.
    NEI needs very long to load one of them (those recipes wich can be normally crafted in the crafting table).
    Sorry but I don`t know where the “Bug Reporting” Button is, so just ignore this, if you`re Feeling unhappy with this…
    Your Fan happybudgie

    1. Mrbrutal

      Bug reports are fine here, as we don’t really have any other way of reporting them. The wagon bug has been fixed already, and is pending release shortly.

      1. happybudgie

        Thanks! I can`t wait for it!!!
        I hope you release the new Version very soon!!! 🙂
        Your Fan

  7. AnubianSaint

    I’ve had a bug of freight wagons pushing me away from them or even chunks containing them or other carts/trains being unenterable, possible the same instance because on occasion if they push me away it is out of the chunk they were occupying. It seems only t happen while the “chunk loader” is effect somewhere in the world.

  8. Pandemic

    I’ve found a weird bug with the SD70 Union Pacific (US) (by the way what’s with the naming of it being U.P.? It’s default is BNSF :P). Anyways, when I attach it to any railcar it makes this 2-3 block gap between it and the car, either direction it faces.

  9. Stephen Garinger

    My son really wants this mod. The trouble is, I have had no luck in getting any Minecraft mod up and running. Do you have any simple instructions on how to do this, or have you seen some instructions elsewhere that would clearly tell me what to do. I put the executable .jar file where I think it is supposed to go and have tried to follow the rest of the instructions from previous mods, but I cannot access the mod through Minecraft. Should I be starting the mod another way?

    I’m an Old School mainframe computer type and don’t do much with PC’s besides play on them. So could you please help out a Mod NOOB?

    1. Mrbrutal

      There’s a couple of pages on the forum you should check out, someone had similar issues, so it’s explained quite thoroughly there.

  10. BarryD

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