Traincraft 4.1.2.

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This is just another quick update to address some incompatibility with mods (Mystcraft) and some minor bugs.

Since there’s not much new stuff in I have no image to show you right now 😛


You can read the changelog here and you can download the mod here:


MrbrutalTraincraft 4.1.2.

8 Comments on “Traincraft 4.1.2.”

  1. Eric_snillingur

    Hello. I´ve been playing for a while on my private server and i´ve build alot. I´m using FTB direwolf20 1.5.2 (private pack) and I´ve added traincraft 4.0.2 and the rec forge. I´ve got railsystem with routing from railcraft and was hoping to replace the trains. I´ve find one strange behavior in the carts follow by steam locomotive going over a speed track. the first cart jumps inside the locomotive or even in front of it.
    Will this be fixed or can I update to 4.1.2 with forge update, without crashing other mods.
    And also one thing more. Isn´t the traincraft suppose to work with golden tickets and routing?

    1. Eric_snillingur

      Yes and it´s realy awsome mod. I´m playing with my boy 6 years old, and he loves going into trains and driving around.

  2. William

    Will there be a Traincraft for 1.7 or 1.6.4? I would really like that but for right now, I have updated to 1.6.4 and I have to go back to my 1.6.2 profile to play Traincraft.

  3. Sajt

    Hy, Could you compatible Traincraft with Jammy Furniture mod? ID collision is the biggest problem. I hope it will be done. 🙂

  4. jennefer

    hi i think i found a bug in the mod. I logged out of minecraft and came back later and looked behind me and there was another train. I had a cart with all my things and there was an exact duplicit of my train. Same every thing and im not sure what to do. Im not shur If its a bug or not if it is i hop this gets fixed and good luck.

  5. BennyK

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  6. pits boys

    A question:how can i get the plastic(id29296) in this mod?This plastic seems not as same as the raw plastic in the MF2 mod and copperwirefine can’t be create by the raw plastic

  7. david field

    love this mod! trying to figure out the recipe for wooden wheels. looks like dirt in the center, but doesnt work with dirt. could it be added to hover over item in the book display the item? used to be a site had all the recipes with this function, but cant find that now, must have been taken down.

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