Traincraft 4.1.3. for Minecraft 1.6.4.

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Here it is. Before too many people started complaining for me to update it I’ve managed to do it. Now since this is more of a minor update, I don’t have any pictures to show, but there are some cool things in the mod none the less.


I have implemented a provisional localization support, for trains items/blocks and achievements, so that people can start working on it right away. The other things that don’t have support yet (Some notices, the guide book) will sadly need more time to code. And will be added when done.

Here is the repository for localizations: Linky

Now a couple of words about this: This requires some knowledge of how bit/git work, also an appropriate editor. The file already uploaded is the main file, from which translators can see what the original meaning was. There are also some instructions there. If you have further questions, you can, as always, post them here.


You can read the changelog here and you can download the mod here:


MrbrutalTraincraft 4.1.3. for Minecraft 1.6.4.

34 Comments on “Traincraft 4.1.3. for Minecraft 1.6.4.”

  1. Felix

    I really like this mod, thank you so much! Only sad thing is, that your mod doesnt work with Biomes O Plenty :/

  2. SpiritTracks

    We are terribly sorry if this is the wrong section, but we were unable to find any other way to ask for, so we’ll do it here. Otherwise our E-Mail should be visible, so we might consider to talk via E-Mail about that. The thing is that you appear to protect your awesome mod from being stolen by other People, what we can totally understand. Yet we really wish to add your awesome work to a modpack called ‘Spirit Tracks by ZoraLink’. Of course, you will be fully creditet and there won’t be any gain by the modpack. The server-spawn will also get a extra section containing all mods with their authors and everything credit-related. The pack will be available via the TekkitLauncher for easier installation. If you’d like to hear more about the ideas and background of the server/ modpack, we please you to write an E-Mail to us.
    Spirit Tracks

    1. Mrbrutal

      It’s not so much as the modpacks themselves are concerned, we usually allow them, it’s the Technic/Tekkit platform, which is the problem here. And we don’t want anything to do with it, and we don’t allow any modpacks on it. So for you to gain permission from us, you’d have to switch to FTB or make your own launcher. If you want to discuss this further in private you are welcome to send me a PM on the forums.

      Also we’re not trying to protect it from being stolen, as much as we’re trying to protect it from being used without our permission, and from people gaining money from our hard work.

      1. SpiritTracks

        Okay, we fully understand that. Then we consider to use the FTB launcher and thank you very much for giving permission!

      2. SpiritTracks

        Sorry to bother you again, but as we are setting up trainlines, we noticed there is a something bugging us and probably many other users…:
        If one rides a train and is caught in lag, the wagon jumps around on the tracks (e.g. is suddenly behind the actual train). So, is there any way to probably fix this wierd behaviour? It is not worse, yet a bit bugging. And we wish to stress the beauty and awesomess of these steely snakes as much as possible..


        1. Mrbrutal

          Probably not much. Lag is something we can’t predict or code for. I guess the best thing is to drive slower till the lag goes away.

          1. SpiritTracks

            Okay, right. Thank you!
            So probably there’s no way to e.g. code it that user and vehicle are calculated seperately, right? Because I’d guess that if the user is caught in lag while the vehicle is moving norally, this behaviour might be fixed. However, this is just a guess.
            And the best way is probably trying to avoid lags under all circumstances, as it seems…

  3. AlexTrainer

    It’s my favourite mod! thank you for the update. I have made a russian localization, what are the terms to include it into Traincraft? A little detail: real ChME3 has 6 axis instead of 4 in mod, shall you remake the model sometime?

      1. AlexTrainer

        I’ve registered on Git but I’m unable to create a branch in Traicraft localization – it tells me “Access denied”, what am I doing wrong or where to create it?

        1. Mrbrutal

          You can’t make the branches because you’re not the owner. Fork the repository, then add your files, then submit a pull request on the original repository.

          1. AlexTrainer

            Thanks, nearly done, but I have a little trouble: It’s encoded in ISO 8859-5 instead of 8859-1, I’m not sure Russian can be encoded exaclty it that format. Is tihs critical or not?

          2. AlexTrainer

            No, I didn’t mean this but the opposite. I can’t encode my file in 8859-1, only in 8859-5, because 8859-1 don’t include Russian. Then, I can do nothing, but will it be accepted?

          3. AlexTrainer

            Just found a surprising thing: translation shows up correctly exactly in UTF-8 not in ISO. I’ll try UTF then.

          4. AlexTrainer

            Looks that’s all for now. So, do I need to update the file soon as Traincraft updates? This is only to change the file and push it up, right?

          5. Mrbrutal

            Yes, you only need to change it if something in the mod updates or is added, if not things stay the same.

      1. Allan Simonsen

        The [TC] locomotive speed Controller track has some bugs:
        1. Driving over with the HighSpeed train or N.Y. subway train from traincraft with more than 3 carts will throw the front high speed locomotive or subway locomotive into the middle of the attached passenger carts.
        2. increasing your speed to 2000 for a short perioed of time when driving over it.
        3. when driving on high speed tracks with high speed trains with Example 108mhp then hitting the Speed controller witch it set the train down to 20%/48mhp will make the train explode.
        4. Driving over will sometimes turn the entire train around making it go backwards.
        5. Driving over will sometimes make the game and server crash completely

        It would be really nice if these bugs could be fixed. im running:
        minecraft 1.6.4
        Newest version of train and railcraft-installed 17-10-2013(dd-mm-yyyy)

        Now i first reported the bug to railcraft however they said that it probably was a problem with the high speed train so i tested the N.Y. subway train aswell and its the same story.

      2. AlexTrainer

        Found a small bug: when looking on a lantern at some angles, it changes colour’s brightness a bit.

  4. AlexTrainer

    Something closer to the mod: could you add the ChS4T electric locomotive in any of the future updates (may be far) please? It’s my favourite loco.

  5. AlexTrainer

    Excuse me, can you explain which is the right name of the mod – TrainCraft or Traincraft, or is there a difference?

  6. jennefer

    I was wondering if you are gunna fix the hevey steam train becuse the tender is there but the locomotive is not?

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