Crash on the last version

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Since we wanted everyone to be able to play with Traincraft during holidays, we might have missed some things, this I guess was one of them. If you’re getting a “nullpointer” crash, or just a crash in general when you start your world, just re-download the mod now from the same links, and you should be good to go.


A word of warning, due to inventory changes, we suggest and urge you to clean out your freight wagons, so not to loose any items that are inside.

You can download the mod here, or even better on your new site here.

You can read the changelog here.


Sorry for the trouble. 😉


MrbrutalCrash on the last version

One Comment on ““Crash on the last version”

  1. OverShadow3

    When I launch Minecraft, I see the “Mojang” logo and then the game closes.
    I have a Minecraft cracked.

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