A minor update

MrbrutalTraincraft3 Comments

A really minor one. Only fixed couple of those dire bugs that need fixing, also includes the new Zeppelin. šŸ™‚

Just to throw a bone regarding the 1.7 update; Sadly we are both busy IRL right now, and to my knowledge Forge is still in beta, so the update won’t be done anytime soon. We might do more stuff for 1.6.4 in the meantime.


You can download the modĀ here, or even better on our new siteĀ here.

You can read the changelogĀ here.

MrbrutalA minor update

3 Comments on “A minor update”

  1. AlexTrainer

    I think it would be very useful if you’ll add a bit more functions to the loco holding track in the future, as it would have four functions to perform when active:
    1)start locos in the same direction (as it does just now)
    2)start locos in the direction they arrived from
    3)start in the fixed direction don’t depend on where it has arrived from
    4)same as 3) but opposite direction
    – and change functions with a crowbar like it is implemented in speed controller track
    this will be very convenient for reversing the trains automatically

  2. Bigglesworth

    Forge is in beta FOR mod devs to use to get a head start in upodating their mods. Saying Forge is in beta as some sort of excuse to not start updating is a bit strange comeing from a dev. Not having the time to update is 100% enough reason for any rational person not to update. Thanks for the work and mod. Its class

    1. Mrbrutal

      It is beta for a reason, and that’s usually not concerning the people playing it but people using it for modding. And since code changes reflect a bigger portion than that of what you see in game it’s usually better to wait for a more stable release. But as I wrote we’re not working on the new version also because of time shortage. Also you are welcome, and we’ll get to it eventually when things clear up.

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