EMPIRERAIL map for Traincraft

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Wow, two posts in one day, must be a miracle!


Well it sure is, by the amount of time it took to make this map:



Thanks a lot to Mr. EMPIRERAIL for this never ending map of awesome, for you to play with trains on. It has many stations, new and abandoned, thousands of blocks of tracks and some trains already on it. It takes a good 30min or more to get from start to end, so you’ll have things to see and do for quite a while.

Also if there’s anyone else out there making a map or something similar with Traincraft we’d love to see it.


As he was nice enough to share it, we’re sharing it now here with everyone. If you have some questions you can also send him a PM on Minecraft forums @EMPIRERAIL.


Enjoy.  Download

MrbrutalEMPIRERAIL map for Traincraft

6 Comments on “EMPIRERAIL map for Traincraft”

  1. Trainmaster

    When you look at this map, you see alot of locomotives coupled together, unfortunately when you try to use them, they break apart. This is something you see in reality and i wish traincraft supported these so called “MUed” locos to improve power.

    1. robomining

      they do work you just need to change to settings on thing by shift right clicking with the stake

  2. JJ

    Trains were one of the topics du jour on r/Minecraft recently. Looking forward to playing around with the mod and this download. Trains in Minecraft really could be its own thing.

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