OMG please can you make trains bigger?

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This has been asked like a million times, and I feel I should talk a bit more about the scale, and why is it the way it is.


When Traincraft was started by Spitfire4466 long time ago, the vanilla game didn’t have much, and the carts seemed to be big enough. Even the locos he made were about the size of the vanilla cart. But the people started making bigger models, and the system crashed. And now it’s been like this ever since. In my personal opinion, Minecraft is and should be viewed like a miniature world even though it’s supposed to be “to scale” with the block being 1m X 1m X 1m. But that falls out very fast when you have trees only 3-4m tall and mountains like we’re in the Netherlands. It just isn’t working. And I feel trains should also be like that. Slightly miniature. Because if the trains are bigger than your house it just isn’t real. But that’s just me, and not the main reason why we’ve kept trains small.

The main reasons being this, among other things:

  • Compatibility
  • Code changes
  • Remodeling

1. If we make trains big, forget Railcraft compatibility, ability to load and unload, the use of vanilla hoppers (yes they work). Forget trains be able to use switches and other things. This among other issues explained in the next paragraph.

2. Code changes would be massive, we’d basically have to rewrite the majority of our code, which coincidentally relies heavily on Railcraft API, which again is an issue (see paragraph 1). Now for a mod that’s just starting like RoW this is ok since you have to start from 0, but if you already have over 89,000 lines of code already written then it becomes a problem. Not to mention we’d have to code new tracks, loaders/unloaders, and so on. This would probably take forever.

3. A lot of trains would have to be remodeled and no one person would have the time to do all the locos, and carts. And there’s some quality we do keep, so crowd sourcing is out of the question.


Now I hope this illustrates a clear picture to those, that just say “I want dem trainz BIGG” and do not think what it actually means. So for the reasons above, no we won’t be making the trains bigger any time soon. Sorry.

But let’s just see what the future brings, I feel like something big is on it’s way.

Mrbrutal out.


tl;dr No, we won’t make them bigger.


Here’s a picture of a dog hitting a tree, so you won’t feel too depressed when reading this. If indeed anyone actually reads this.

MrbrutalOMG please can you make trains bigger?

19 Comments on “OMG please can you make trains bigger?”

  1. toff


    I find your magnificent trains. In reality, locomotives are not has to see again(to revise), her are well to proportion. she is beautifull. but certain cars for example car for people are as too big in height, it is simply necessary their to give of the length. And it will be magnificent and proportionned well.

    Traincraft is for me the plugging most beautiful of any minecraft.

    We wait all for Advent of the modification on the graphics(handwriting) of trains a compatible version with minecraft 1.7. X, it will be brilliant!!

    I I would like that it is the TGV(french train) there because this train is magnificent.



    sorry for english i am french

  2. Adriel

    hello. I have this addon in my minecraft game and it is really cool, I am wanting to know if you guys plan on adding more road names to the US locomotive fleet?
    AmTrak p40
    KCS (white sd40)
    KCS (grey sd40 and sd70)
    KCS (black red & yellow SD70)
    SF Kodachrome sd40
    BNSF executive sd70
    ES44AC Evolution hybrid 2010 and tech car
    AmTraK Acela
    Union pacific passenger cars
    Union Pacific SD70 Heritage set

    Also there is a coupler issue that presents itself every so often where cars come un coupled at random

  3. Yahya

    I love the v.4.1.4 update. I wish that there will be lots of trains added like the Amtrak Acela, Amtrak Empire Builder, Maglev, TGV, Shinkansen and stuff like that. And I wish you guys can add lots of new passenger cars/carts.


  4. Creative

    Hello, I think the best way to the future of trains in Minecraft is the System of the (Rails of War mod) when the system from Traincraft and Railcraft will change like this it will be perfect! Sorry for Language. =)

  5. IanDLBZF

    I’d like to see the following:
    *Swedish X2000
    *Amtrak’s Acela Express
    *GE ES44C4 (BNSF, FEC)
    *Amtrak’s Amfleets (I & II Coaches, Cafe/Dinettes, Club/Dinettes)
    *Amtrak/MARC HHP-8
    *Amtrak P42

  6. Minecrafter

    (I’m Japanese. I can’t write English very well.)
    I love this Software!
    Please,add change speed features.
    That is because, a lot fast trains in the world,for example, ”Shinkansen” is 320km/h in Japan.
    And ”TGV” is 320km/h in France.
    Thank you.

    (And I like the real trains,too. many people like train in Japan.)

      1. Minecrafter

        Oh!I got it!
        but,”New York Subway”train is slow speed.
        For example,in Japan local trains are max speed 120km/h.
        Please,add change speed features.
        It’s not hurry.

  7. MavBlue

    Rather than making trains big, have you thought of applying a potion of shrinking upon entering a train? =D

    1. AlexTrainer

      I don’t really understand why much people are complaining that they can’t move through trains. Have you ever seen a man going just through a center of the wagon? =D You can go beside the rolling stocks, what’s bad that the center is impervious?

  8. Marsephel

    I’m actually very partial to the size of Traincraft locomotives. As an avid classic locomotive enthusiast, I have a fascination with steam locomotive coupling rods in motion, which is really a bummer since in current traincraft builds they are stagnant. Will this ever be changed in a future build? It’s kinda a killer for me, so unless this goes unchanged, I’ll have to continue with Rails of War, despite the vast superiority of traincrafts features and rolling stock.

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