Traincraft 4.2.0

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So here it is at last. The one you’ve all been waiting for. The ultimate Traincraft update if I may say so. So I hope everyone will enjoy it very much.

(Here’s the video again, if anyone missed it, but I doubt it)

Now a word on the actual update and the future. This is a really big update and a lot of code has been changed and rewritten and done anew, so there will probably still be bugs, because we can’t possibly fix all of them. So we’ll probably do another update after this one addressing some issues also from before, and then move on to 1.7.2. But be warned that it will take time. Probably a while, because it’s a very hard update and needs a lot of work.


Tracks recipes can be found in the book, they can be crafted in the Traincraft table, and will not work with vanilla or RC cars and minecarts, because that would require changing the base code, and we can’t do that. Tracks rotate based on where you look when you are placing them, and will not auto rotate. Switches work with redstone, one just has to watch where the lever/torch is placed. That’s about it, if you have questions feel free to ask.


But that’s enough of me ranting, go have fun. (You can report bugs in the usual places.)

You can download the mod here, or even better on our new site here. (The new site will be updated shortly!)

You can read the changelog here.

MrbrutalTraincraft 4.2.0

30 Comments on “Traincraft 4.2.0”

  1. XxShadowintelxX

    This mod is so Awesome! But I don’t have a computer until august. I srsly want to play minecraft NOW.

  2. Mudkipland

    Cool mod and all but the stem trains wheels don’t move I think it also bring more life to the mod just saying.

      1. mctc

        I have MC 1.7.10. I installed forge 1.7.10. MC crashed when launched with traincraft 4.2.0 in .minecraft/mods folder. What version of MC and forge should I use?

  3. Monsoon

    Mine crashes on launch too – and I have the latest Forge and latest Traincraft (1.7.10) from what I can gather.

    Did you fix it, mctc, and if so, was it a simple solution?

    Don’t bother replying ‘MrBrutal’; you’re clearly not helpful.

    1. Mrbrutal

      Clearly. I couldn’t possibly be helpful. Even though the thread says 1.6.4 version of Minecraft. But I’ll be fair, and I’ve gone ahead and checked and there really seems to be no version of forge written anywhere, so I’ll write it here: as in the only one from Forge files still compatible with 1.6.4.

      I hope that solves your issue.

      1. Monsoon

        Not really, ‘Mr I Have To Have The Last Word’.

        I have 1.7.10 Minecraft running; I have the latest Forge running; I have a (supposed) 1.7.10 Traincraft downloaded, but crashes on launch.

        Here is the news regard 1.6.4 – the thread MOVES ON from its opening title, and I don’t see 1.6.4 anywhere, as I searched via google for this specific crash, NOT via the specific forum.

        No doubt, you’ll reply. People like you find you have to – as it’s actually a form of mental disorder, for which you have little control.

        Problem – as specified in my first, is NOT resolved – that’s why I asked the other chap as his symptoms were the same as mine, and I’m no Java expert – I want to play the game, not unravel all its inner-workings.

        1. Monsoon

          Further research shows that it is not functional for 1.7.10 yet – so not an error as such, more of its ‘not ready yet’.

  4. jblankjr

    I have loaded Forge and Traincraft successfully, but Traincraft will not run. It doesn’t show when I open minecraft even though it is in the “mods” folder. Minecraft works fine. What am I doing wrong?

  5. jblankjr

    A few more details:

    I’m running Forge 1.6.4 on a PC (Windows 7) with Minecraft and downloaded Traincraft 1.6.4 and loaded it into the Mods folder.

    Both the Forge and regular profiles seem to run fine, but Traincraft does not show up as an option to play.

    I have reloaded Minecraft to no avail. I’ve looked extensively on the web and the installation directions seem consistent. I have followed them but still can’t get Traincraft to even show up when I open Minecraft.

    Thanks to Mr. Brutal for previous help, but still haven’t quite go this one figured out.

  6. Noku

    4.2.1 is 1.6.4, it is that obvious. So which version do you guys think 4.2.0 would be? God damn sites doesn’t tell much in detail.

  7. jack010001

    PLZ update to 1.7.10. I really need an electric train for my monorail in the jurassic world im building.

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