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So as requested here is also the download link for the map that you saw in the video we made. The map was built by Spitfire4466 and we’re giving it to you to also play and experiment on.


Download HERE the readme file is also included with instructions.


MrbrutalTraincraft map

13 Comments on “Traincraft map”

  1. Dugen

    loaded world as told

    allot covered with green goo like fuel
    is there a fix or how do I get a map without that goop
    plus there was texture mismatch so could you email me another copy please

    thanks in advance love you mod

  2. Con

    Is the download broke? All that I get wen I download the map is a RAR file full of code (ex. Rar! ϐs
    ÑltÀ0 ‘ V* Ѩ¥kËD3 config\IC2.cfg À !PÌÍÅ¡W¿@Ï@oFƒ35¤šøØ¢ãŸ/Á˹‘ËÙ»ØZE¸¶&“Åð’Ýþîú0¸ä¦ª‰I6ZJîxè̐ò
    U5TJ¿¯ðƒ„ÑaW÷8ü û©‚(r?–hÉ+þÅOe/íèÿ{OÀÅS;ár6¥§ÿÿ` ~tüý|`õtq_¼«q¹à$’l™øÉe€1Ö\Ï€ž±uròeX#‹8¦,gäŠ(ëÖÚL-“3òêê­ÛØ\Ñ w ü³þì±¾ïŸM[æ,.—§i0›¬¦>ó»N¢ÈeÂf\ÑOˆé ¯¼óœPÙ:‚at?¶žªgéíùvŽµySx ›„ùÆ\gœ¡d=°” ˜O #`¯é5boÿ®w¤Š±k§’ìžAÙ`ï&lgP×g€yèÉ¥:WªßKúu60XüK êð…ˆ™à!´aÝGfœá
    :©¸½øMAî¡h=7EcAd²Òn¢K*ðV?ïåý¾ìrž6 »’(Idy}¸óÝI{ý2=â@ã )

  3. victoriashan

    yeah ive got the same problem. i know its industrial craft 2 but ive loaded it with that and in place of the rails it has crafting tables.

  4. Nic

    I just downloaded this map because it looked very cool. I got in and saw that it is a very cool map but there is refined diesel all over everything and it wasn’t letting me pick it up with an empty canister. Help. I would really like to play on this map.

  5. Nic

    Well. I just figured it out. When you extract the files from the .rar file you have to copy the contents of the config file into the config file. You cant just put the config file in the config file. Once you do this if you entered the map and then hit save and quit. You should delete this maps file from the saves file and copy the new save file from the .rar file and paste it into the saves file. It should then be fixed.

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