The future of Traincraft

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Damn that’s a wall of text :/

Some time has passed again and you still don’t have an update for 1.7. Today I’m going to explain why and what will be happening with Traincraft mod in the future. So let’s get to it.


Spitfire and me were talking and decided, that it’s been 3 years already of the mod being released, and not once has it been properly re-written. So what better time to do this, then in the update that changes 80% of the code anyway. So what does this mean time-wise? Well it’ll take a while to do this so there won’t be any updates for a while, at least not until we get to a usable point. But this is going to be a good thing in the long run. We might release small packs, with partial features, so you can start with the world gen, or maybe some beta builds, but more on that bellow.

Right now Traincraft is barely standing up, if I say it like that. A lot of the code is old and weird, or still optimised for old versions, so any additions or changes bring more bad that good sadly. But you know what I’m talking about. The adding of the trains is tedious, and not always working, and you have to change a lot of things to add a single train. We aim to change this in the future. (More on that later).


Now doing a complete rewrite is a long process, and sadly probably won’t be done for some time, but that’s just a necessary evil. It has to be done at some point and it brings a lot of cool changes. And what are those cool changes you ask? Well here’s a list of things of the top of my head(Not final and may change in the future):

  • Faster adding or items/blocks/trains
  • Better resources loading textures/sounds
  • Better mod compatibility
  • Less bugs
  • More features faster


Now a bit about on adding trains. Right now only us coders can add them and we aim to keep it like this. There’s a lot of reasons for this, mainly saving you from errors, and having a mod that doesn’t look retarded, or weird because every train is made differently or missing something and so on. Now how will you add trains then? Well I have some ideas kicking around, but I’ll probably write up something on that later. But fear not, more trains will be added in the future.

Betas and ads

Currently, the downloads go through the service, so we can at least have server costs covered, but this can change in the future. The patreon service is gaining popularity, and it might be a way to get even more cool stuff to you the fans and players, but if it proves something people would contribute too. If so please let me know what you think.



All of this being said, I’m already working on the next version of Traincraft and have been for a while, but sadly I don’t have anything cool to show yet. But I’ll post more updates when I do. Maybe even a cool video, like the last one. Hope that this will ultimately bring everyone a better experience, and if you have questions, do ask. But not when will it be done, because the answer is “when it’s done!”.

That’s it from me,



Traincraft is getting a complete rewrite, might take a while, but there will be more cool stuff, and less bugs.

MrbrutalThe future of Traincraft

194 Comments on “The future of Traincraft”

  1. claytonhardi1996

    would you be adding things like traction engines as farming tools, etc as they where used in Britain etc during the early 1900’s as like a plow, just a thought…also great work guys, love the new track, simply amazing!!! 😀

    1. MavBlue

      Plows would be awesome, would make leveling tracts of land for rails and buildings much easier.

      1. Burrell4040

        Traction engines would be an awesome addition, they would have many uses in game with the different sorts made. I would love to see them implemented personally as i am involved with traction engines in my spare time. as mavblue said, they can be used for levelling ground and in the farming side of the game for large areas of land rather than doing it manually with a hoe. maybe a plough could be added to be horse drawn??

        1. claytonhardi1996

          they would actually be extremely usefull, they wouldn’t need tracks, obviously powered by steam, but plowing land, clearing snow, maybe even for the minecraft style you could have addons like automatic bone-meal fertilizer like ones. pulling freight short distances, otherwise would rule out rail (got to balance it out some how) but this would be so good for clearing land etc

  2. Cash

    I already put this in the comments in your YouTube video, but the trains don’t go around bends as good as it does in that video so can you fix that please? Also can you add something to attach to the tracks that gives off a Redstone signal when rolled over, railroad crossings, and maybe a track builder that lays new tracks? Thank you in advance, and thanks for giving us such a great mod.

  3. marsephel

    Would moving coupling rod animations on steam locomotives be possible/planned after this major code rewrite?

  4. zxp5108

    1.6.4 The rail track builder can not support emerging, it does not work (but supports the original game track)

  5. Charlotte

    When is the 1.7 version going to be released? The 1.6 forge is no longer working, the earliest version available is 1.7.2. Thanks for all the hard work! 🙂

  6. steamtrainlover109

    i was wondering do you have a guess when the update will be done i would really like to know its a amazing mod good job with it.

    1. steamtrainlover109

      sry about the comment i did not see the part at the bottom sry my mistake im realy sry sometimes i miss stuff and mess up well sry

  7. Drovosek

    Hi MrBrutal ! I made a couple of models of trains and want to send them to you. Please add me in Skype. My username in Skype “firestrike05”

      1. Drovosek

        Извини, но я не разбираюсь в этих социальных сетях. Давай лучше в скайпе. Мой логин firestrike05.
        Кстати, у тебя очень красивый сайт, долго ты его делал ?

      2. Drovosek

        Sorry, but I don’t understand these social networks. Let’s better in Skype. My username firestrike05.
        By the way, you have a very beautiful website, long you have done it ?

  8. weltlich

    I just wanted to say that you’re doing a kick ass job with this mod, and that I’m looking forward to it whenever it gets released. Take your time. Your mod is one of the ones that makes it worth playing minecraft, and I’m willing to chill out and wait for the next release.

  9. Durzan

    Maybe you guys could work with Railcraft… on a superficial level, it seems that the two mods SHOULD be compatible… maybe a teacup would be to both group’s benefits.

  10. Nelprat

    A message from Switzerland:
    When come the 1.7.2 Traincraft?
    Can you not the old version into the new version convert without extra?

    1. TONZA2013

      I think it is best that they do the extra upgrades and rewrite the majority of the scripting. I too would like to see the current version come out but it has too many bugs still and takes a while to set up a decent sized train. After they finish doing their upgrade, it should be quicker (that is what they want it to do), and we will all be happy. Maybe someone can start a server for Traincraft alone, allowing it to be even better, donations to the server would then go quite a way to help the developers, allowing future site options and better downloads.

  11. DarkDrakonia

    My boyfriend is a HUGE rail fan. We just made the switch to 1.7.10 mod packs since my Magical Crops mod made the big step up and he was disheartened to see that Traincraft hasn’t updated yet. I feel bad for updating without his mod, but he says he’ll wait patiently. He wants to see a Shay Steam locomotive with the right side gears. Nice work on this, though. Keep it up. 😀

  12. DarkEagle

    coul be awesome a stop time rail. when my train its above of the rail the train stop x amount of seconds and then continue the road

  13. Ryan

    At first i thought u stopped working on the mod till i found this. As for right now i don’t have the mod 🙁 But i would like having snow on the tracks and the plow on the trains clear the tracks. I think that would be cool!

  14. ccm1092

    Hey was just wondering if you will be adding something like the Bullet trains over in japan. I have yet to be able to use train-craft, but I Love trains. We are looking forward to a 1.7.10 build for our server(private). I have used railcraft a good bit but it only has the 1 engine and that thing gets boring. Or maybe a train like a trolly or something like the Italian Settebello from 1953 which would be cool.

    1. Mrbrutal

      Speedy trains are tricky since Minecraft can’t support it too good, but with this new threaded mechanics things might be possible. We’ll see

  15. claytonhardi1996

    it would be cool also if we could have horses pull some of the smaller carts on the tracks like they used to use ages ago before trains where properly a thing- it would be cool for a temp way of pulling cargo around until you would get enough ores and coal to make and run the trains (electric and diesel also) maybe you could implement the fact leads can attach to some carts and horses to pull some not so heavy cargo..?

  16. Conor

    I think there should be more US steam engines in the mod. From the 1910s-1960’s. And you should redo the GP7 and GP40 models. But thanks for a great mod anyway!

  17. stunning

    Hello, @Mrbrutal, is it possible to know how much time to wait for the 1.7 update? I really look forward to playing this fantastic mod!!! Will the 1.7 update be compatible with 1.8 minecraft future update?

    1. Mrbrutal

      Sorry but I don’t know myself. When it’s done. And no 1.7 can’t be compatible with 1.8 that’s what different numbers mean.

    1. SPolygon

      Lol totally agree with u. I like Maglevs. Butt if u want loaders n’ unloaders install Traincraft and Railcraft together 😉

  18. sasha

    I was wondering if this would be compatible with Minecraft Comes Alive and if the villages from that would be able to also ride the passenger trains. If this does happen it would be cool.

  19. edde479

    Hi! I’m from Sweden and I wondering: “Can I translate the mod?” I started to search up the “lang” map and I found it! I translated it to Swedish and I tested it and it worked. So, can I send the “lang” file to you and you can put it in! It would be “helpful” to you, I think… so?

        1. edde479

          I didn’t understand the “bitbucket” (I’m 12 years old :)!). So I can send a mediafire link to you when the Swedish lang-file is ready. Is that ok!?

  20. michael

    hello MRbrutal

    can you also add some trains of the dutch railways like the trains of the ns an the tgv


  21. Jonathon Avery Moss

    You should see about adding in old steam locomotives like a Coalbrookdale or The Rocket.

  22. Grim Reaper

    I loved this mod in 1.6.4. If this is going to get a complete re-write, then I can wait cause I want to see how EPIC it is gonna be. I would love to see more work on a monorail system, like the one at Disney World.

  23. KidDoesTrains

    Hi Mr. Brutal, I am very happy with your mod (combining it with microblocks and a bunch of other mods can create some amazing train related structures!) and I would just like to encourage you to keep going. If I knew how to create 3-D models I would 🙂 But anyway, since I can’t, can you either tell me how you do it or add either modern Amtrak engines/cars, a US switcher locomotive, or C40-8 locomotives to the game? Also, I’m building a long railroad in traincraft designed for multiplayer operation. If I get the new update, will my world become corrupted?


  24. KidDoesTrains

    Oh also can you please, pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease make it so you can attach multiple locos together and run them? If possible, can you make it so both of them contribute to pulling the train? I really want to MU a bunch of SD70s…

  25. Axel

    Hloa!! estaría muy bien y muy interesante que asieras trenes como los (Metros de Mexico) eso seria épico jajajaja

  26. LemonR

    Hello , 😀
    can you make hopper vagon so when im throwing items with my Q the vagon can collect it if im throwing in the vagon ?

  27. KidDoesTrains

    Hey Mr. Brutal, I asked this earlier, but did not receive an answer. I am building a VERY long railway designed for multiplayer operation. Should I put the map on hiatus until AFTER the update (that way I don’t lose lot of work, it has happened before), or can I continue to work on it? Thanks!

  28. KidDoesTrains

    Also, I would be happy to texture any 3-D models that you might have (but I will admit, I would be better at making US locomotives than any other types) as I have retextured your SD70s and SD40s to the Florida East Coast Railway paint scheme, and I also do reskins on Trainz 12. If you want me to, just ask!

  29. Bailey

    Just wondering, what version are you working on, 1.7.2, 1.7.9, or 1.7.10?

    Great job on the track, BTW. Keep up the good work!

  30. kashi18

    I have been playing minecraft for almost a year and I have to say is this. This mod has been the best when it comes to transporting large amounts of resources and general enjoyment of trains. Not that I am narking on any other mod makers but your mod is one of a kind. No mod (including railcraft) has been able to measure up to what traincraft is trying to achieve.

    I hope you guys over there don’t give up. You guy’s have started something unique here and it would be ashame if traincraft didn’t have a future.

  31. MajorStorm

    Are you going to make the trains more realistically scaled? I’m just curious because it makes things feel a little weird having smaller trains.

  32. Squax

    Hey, for the subway trains, you should add the tracks with power rail. another cool idea after all of required things, you can add the radio for engineer 🙂 Anyway, i see the mod is going in good direction and it’s really cool, and it you are absolutely the mod-genius 🙂

  33. SuperSanja2002

    Add a little more Soviet trains. European and American already got. For example, I would like to see Д1 ДР1А ДДБ1 old Moscow subway train

  34. Tom

    Hey, I’ve loved traincraft ever since I first came across it and it has been a staple mod for my small server I have with some friends. We run alot of mods, and we can’t go past 1.7.2, so I was really wondering if you’re only releasing for 1.7.10 or if you will have one for 1.7.2?

  35. TrainChriss4460

    Please continue working on this mod. I stumbled upon it a few years ago but have just recently got a legit version of Minecraft. Train lover and really want to make a world filled with amazing trains and railroads! Please keep us updated!

  36. Trainguyrom

    I think you should check out this mod for Minetest. I realize that creating mods/add-ons for the two are dramatically different (Minetest has a full API that uses Lua scripting for all addons, while Minecraft relies of Forge and uses Java to program everything, making the two work quite differently behind the scenes) but if anything, it could be good inspiration, if not a fun partnership sharing models, techniques and possibly even code.

    1. rfssf

      there is a mod that fixes that bug, try googling on: javalegalcyfixer-1.0.jar
      That should work.

  37. XP Gaming

    I don’t know if you have had this question before but I don’t care I’ll ask it anyway. Is there a general time you think it will take to do it or is it still, it will be done when it is.
    Also may I request a few trains (They are Australian Trains):

    Diesel Bo-Bo Hood DE
    Diesel -c- Hood DM
    Diesel -B Hood DH (These trains were originally built with tractor engines)
    Steam C38 (both streamlined and not)
    Steam J72 0-6-0T

    Thanks for reading, and please reply if you have awnsers.

  38. Liam

    Can’t wait for traincraft to be updated this is definately one of the best mods ive seen so far!

  39. chris Kuhn

    Hello Mr. brutal,

    I have enjoyed your mod tremendously, as stated once before. But I have a lagitamate question.
    Will you be putting Articulated steam engines in the mod as well? Like the Garret or the Big Boy locomotives and will they move like their real world counterparts? I enjoy large locomotives and would LOVE to see those engines in there. <: 3

  40. roket333

    Quick suggestion: A creative-only train that can go very fast, pull a TON (3000-10000 cars) of cars and has a GUI that you can use to change toe model of the train and even use custom models from a new folder in .minecraft/traincraft/models/loc.txt and loctex.png(texture)
    and a similar thing for cars. A car that, when right clicked, brings up a GUI with tabs on the side. One that has a chest, signaling the car types (liquid, cargo, ect) and the other tab having the logo of traincraft allowing you to , once again, apply custom models from
    .minecraft/traincraft/models/cars/car.txt and cartex.png
    The suffixes will tell the mod weather the model and texture are for the locomotive or car or either.
    Locomotives will be the filename followed by loc.txt and loctex.png
    Cars will be the filename followed by car.txt and cartex.png
    Models used for anything won’t have the ‘car’ and ‘cartex’ or ‘loc’ and ‘loctex’ before the file extension.
    Thanks for reading and I hope you at least consider this feature. P.S. If you do decide to add, please add it after the initial release because I bet a lot of people are waiting.


  41. DimensionPizza

    You should add a Baldwin 2-8-4 S3 Class Steam Locomotive and an LB&SCR E2 Class 🙂

  42. Adriel

    I know these things take time to re write but is there any progress on a late version (1.7.10 – 1.8.3) coming out. Lets face it 1.6.x is dead for us 64 bit users. Hell 1.7.2 is dead too.
    If you want to keep a good add-on on top you have to stay on top with the latest game builds and versions otherwise your going to fade into the background and be forgotten. Dont allow your add-on to fall more than 5 versions behind the newest current game release, a And always keep your old add-on releases available for download in an archive.

    What would be nice to see:
    I like the new tracks, much better BUT. consider making in some more types of turnouts, signalling lights , and proper switching machines that can be activated manually or via RF and make them computercraft compatible. This is so we can create a more automated and realistic railway in our worlds.
    US style grade crossings with arms that lower, bells and lights.

    Your freight cars: Could it be possible to make some cars like hoppers and tanker able to be loaded via pipes or MC hoppers? So we can use them in automated buildcraft and IC2 environments?

    Locos and Skins:
    I would like to see some EMD “E” and “F” series locomotives, ES44AC and some Alco’s. Also new textures for KCS , MRL, and some other road name.
    Also what would be cool is a heritage SD70ACe that uses a different texture pack to paint the loco in the heritage colors UP has currently.
    Different horn and engine sounds that match the locomotive.

  43. dmytro1

    Hello! Please add this trains: ER9M (it is elecelectrical train (make 1st vagon and vagon with pantograph)), CHS4 (whith cabines CHs8) or add CHS8. This trains are working in Ukrainian Railroad , and have ukrainian railroad’s colors. Please.

  44. Zacraft210

    MrBrutal I deeply appreciate this mod and your dedication to it. After reading your post, and seeing some of comments on it (from people that seem like didn’t even read the post), I thought it would be a good idea to compliment you dedication to this mod, and development of it. Even though 1.7 is not as popular as it was, and 1.8 has been released with an upcoming 1.10, rewriting a mod from the start is a very timely process. I can understand how doing the rewrite now is a good idea, considering the new item ID system and all.

    Thank you for your contribution, dedication and development of TrainCraft – Its a wonderful mod, many people in my little gaming community love it. I look forward to any releases you may have in the future.

    Take your time!


  45. HoratioCaine

    Hi folks,
    I totally agree with the poster like Adriel.
    I don’t think that the lifetime of the new version based on MC 1.7.10 will be more than 1 year.
    Sorry, traincraft is a very good mod but without a co-working community the mod don’t have a future.

  46. TheKiller246

    Umm i have a idea… Mabey you guys should add like working lights inside the passenger cars or carts and like put all the other recemended mods into just the 1 mod download for traincraft, and mabey just mabey make it so that the passenger cars or carts can fit 2 people.

  47. Nitro2000

    I am a huge fan of this mod and I have been playing if since 1.5.2 I kind of have 2 things its been almost a year since this post and the beginning of the remake. But I was wondering when it would come out. Also I am a huge fan of the Santa Fe super chief and its cars and I was wondering if you guys could possibly add that train and its cars into the mod Thanks
    You guys rock

  48. ali

    i wish we cold place tracks like real trains mod that allows placing tracks in any direction without any glitchs
    with full support for 1.7.10 maybe you shuold take a look at this mod and add its features to train craft

  49. Adrian Fisher

    Wow, just seeing all the interest and posts in a “rewrite” is inspiring and has me excited to see what all the hoop-la is about, that and it does sound like a very cool mod, especially if it plays well with railcraft. Not sure how well it would fit with steves carts, but always good to be safe and try to get it to play nice with that too.

    I am excited and look forward to seeing a playable release, hopefully soon. Thank you for all the time you are taking to put your mod back into play, its most appreciated by old and new users alike.

  50. Jerad

    hi my name is jerad i want to set up a server on minecraft for traincraft/rail craft and when i get it up running and started. plus when i get it to where i can accept donation i would like to give part of my donations to u. would like to talk to u about this and see if we can come to some sort of an agreement

  51. ViperLancer

    Hello Mr Brutal. I’ve never really been able to play Traincraft as the only server I played on which had it used an old 1.4.7 version (it was a 1.4.7 server) which seemed rather buggy & incomplete (or perhaps it was server issues like mod incompatibility?).

    I’m really looking forward to getting a working version to put on my own server (1.7.10, as the mods I want most still aren’t out for 1.8+). However, while I won’t ask when it will be ready, I would like to ask if you guys are still working on it. I mean, it has been 7 months since you’ve said anything (as far as I’ve been able to find), which is quite a long time to go without any word…. If you aren’t working on it anymore, perhaps you could open it up to other people so the coders in the community could update/maintain it? If you are still working on it, though, then I really look forward to its completion. 🙂


  52. Whodo

    Please give us an update. I really love this mod. I love all things train. Please lets us know are you close to being done, still a long way off, or not evening working on it?

  53. Whodo

    So with 1.8 being out are you still planning on releasing a 1.7 or just jumping straight to 1.8

  54. lord olaf

    i realize you are working hard on this and you have enough suggestions. question, are the new trains going to be maybe 2 blocks wide? i love the older trains.

  55. budderman52

    I love this mod so i cant wait to see what the re-write adds because for one I LIKE TRAINS

  56. Cannon Rockfield

    Well…would U please Give Us some Information About your Group’s present work ? The Blog and Forum didn’t tell about this for too long !! We really like your TC so if U can give us more what we want to know ?!?!

  57. william

    Mrbrutal how long till an ore gen download comes out a download link would be nice … if not anytime soon at lease a lil update would help the people on the waiting list to get a lil sneak peak as to whats going on at this moment would be awesome… Your Friend TheGeneralZinn

  58. sam

    it’s almost been a year since this artical was posted and there hasn’t even been a beta or even a preview! are you guys even working on it?!?!?

  59. Human Being

    Erm… 1.9 snapshots is out now and still mo 1.7??? Please, at least give us a pre-pre-alpha-very-buggy-glitchy-crashy version! Better than nothing!

  60. 江晉緯

    What time do you finish it mod
    I like it
    but I minecraft 1.6.4 have some bug
    I want play 1.7 version

  61. noa12390

    at this point been over a year and some change just how bussy can you be or did you just give up

  62. MaxMyx

    I saw a video(no commentary) of traincraft in which the trains used a special rail system. It wasn’t much different texture from vanilla but they were more real-like turns, there werent any 90 degree turns. At the end of the video it said it was from Mincraft version 1.7.10 so i was wanted to play it with some other traveling bassed mods in 1.7.10 but i cant find it anywhere. Can you help me with soem information???

  63. 0088818

    Hi, I was just wondering if there’s going to be a Minecraft 1.8 version of Traincraft.

  64. FoxKitsune04

    Just wondering how close you are to releasing the next update. This was one of the first mods I ever tried out since I’ve always loved trains ever since I was a little kid. I really hope you don’t give up, I’d love to see this finished and potentially added to a big modpack like Direwolf20 or Infinity (which I haven’t tried yet) so I can experience it again when I decide to add Minecraft to my YouTube channel.

  65. Schokomen

    thank you that you work on this fantastic mod i am real grateful to you and i know it is a lot of work.
    Tank you

  66. beno

    Good to see you’re still (hopefully) working on this. My kids have been getting into Minecraft PE and I’m setting up a new PC this week to get them playing on there, and they just about wet themselves talking about this mod. I’ll admit, it’s been a looong time since I’ve been on Minecraft and things have changed, but hopefully it’s not too hard to set this up on a 1.6.4 server. Good luck with the mod.

  67. CSX8600

    The amount of effort I have had to go through to do things in 1.6.4 because Traincraft won’t update is pretty insane…the amount of frustration from lack of support of other 1.6.4 mods is at an all-time high right now. God I can’t wait for this to finally be out…I’m really f**king sick of these stupid compatibility problems.

  68. Yaro01



    peut on avoir une date plus ou moins précise quand a la sortie du mod en 1.7.10 merci

  69. xXerlingXx

    I think MrBrutal is up fore som huge shit. Since he is not replying to comments about when the new update, but he replyes to comments about somthing else. I think the new update will come out like a BOOOOM! Cant wait 😀

  70. PitBull9010

    Flan’s mod is also big (as Your’s) but it is ready (with its all needed packs) for 1.8…
    when people can expect Your mod, Mrbrutal?

  71. emily

    Mr. Brutal, as to your query about t shirts, absolutely I’d be interested. My son is both train and Minecraft-obsessed, and Traincraft is his favorite mod.

    That said…PLEASE, PLEASE complete the update to 1.7.10 soon (or 1.8, whatever you decided on)! We have many other mods we like, but the rest were updated ages ago. It would be so nice to be able run our favorite mods together again!

  72. PitBull9010

    I’m agree, I never played traincraft mod but I’ve seen it on YT, and I’d like to try it on my MC myself…

  73. PaulEngineer

    Please I know it really hard thing but please do an update on traincraft mod for v1.7.10 please we all want to see this cool mod on this version please we can’t wait. It have passed long time. 6 years. If you do that all users of minecraft will download it and you will take more likes please just do it Thank you that you listen me. I can say you did very good work. When I download on my first time this mod, I love it. That is a reason why I want this mod on this version. Without this mod minecraft game is nothing. Please we will be happy very much if you do that

    1. KidDoesTrains

      Traincraft was recently made open source. In other words, Mr Brutal owns the mod, but it’s kinda up to us at this point. We have to do things ourselves but will still have Mr Brutal watching over our shoulder to make sure we dont mess up the mod

  74. HellSpawn91 here the link for the github sorry i have no expirience in scripting graphik ore other thinks but i look forward that all People do the best for MR Brutal,s mod and i think is the best that all make a 1.7.10 version of this mod i think the 1.6.4 Play less People the 1.7.10 i more Populare than the older versions if you make a newer version the feed back will ofer grow you 🙂 and more People will pay for Patrone :Dsorry for my bad englisch ^^

    1. Mrbrutal

      That’s not the proper repository and will probably get deleted at some point. When I make the new ones I’ll write a new blog post.

  75. PitBull9010

    So what does that mean for people, who’s like this mod and want to play with it now?
    And what is going to do with it Mr Brutal?

  76. PitBull9010

    I’m asking again:
    Are You, Mrbrutal (or Your friends), alive i this blog and still working on Yours great mod?
    People are waiting for this for long time…

    1. Mrbrutal

      The source code is open, and I’ve said what I explained my situation. So unless you have anything smarter to say than complain in the comments, I suggest you start helping with the code.

  77. alise

    I like to know if you are working on this alone. if so find some volunteers, im sure they are willing to help you. even if your not and you do have help, get more. i love this mod very much. and hope you get it updates as best as you can

      1. PaulEngineer

        so that mean we can add our types of trains? pls answer me MrBrutal I will be happy if you do that!! 😀 But one question!! How we will send our types of trains (if you want for contribution)? But im still not understand what do you mean!! You want models of trains, items or something like that because i need to know maybe i have some ideas because im expert in theme like trains for example steam engines, diesel trains, electric trains etc.
        send please your answer via my email: “” i will be happy if you will answer 😀

  78. Anoukh

    Anyone noticed the duping bug yet? If carts are broken with an item in hand, it will duplicate the carts/locomotives. its quite annoying when trying to play on survival and i keep duping my carts xD im playing on technic if it matters. maybe the mod on FTB is more up to date.

  79. PitBull9010

    I think this mod is already dead, Mrbrutal don’t want to do it’s even more, so say’s: “People, You can modify for Your own ways on this mod, it’s open now!”…
    And I thought that was Mrbrutal’s (very good) job and He don’t want that people could destroy his mod…
    I was so wrong about that…

  80. RGamerEnCo

    hello Mrbrutal
    Do you got a youtube channel, if yes comment the link to the YT page in a comment on this comment, if no create one it is very easy. On the YT channel we can see the progress and if the mod is gonna get released for 1.7.10 or a version later. i hope you see this comment

  81. FelixLive44

    hi, i see all of these comments from 2015 about hype, and now, i see the 2016 and end-2015 talking about you taking to much time or so. i know, the source code is open bla bla bla but i dont think some1, first of all, will even bother using the source code to get the mod in 1.7 or + and, second of all, if some1 even bothers about the source code, i dont think you would allow him to post the “new” mod due to copyrights and sstuff so ima ask you something:
    Do you plan on making an update for traincraft for 1.7+ or did you give up on the mode and just say “the dang source code is open”? If you gave up on the mod, say it plz cuz there is still a lot of people waiting for the mod, espacially me. only once, i had the chance of playing with it and i want more, pleaze, either continiue working on the mod or sell/give access to publication without eny copyright issues possible making so some1 or evry1 would bother making a new version for it and publish it or you could let down one of the best mod ever made for minecraft, if not the best.
    please, awnser to this abd end the wait or hype evrybody again.


  82. Frank

    hey i have a question, it is maibe a year later and are you still going to update it? i realy want to play it with my friend but i dont want to reset the server and go intro 1.6.4. or just release a version that is not rewhritten but just a quick build so it is playable

  83. PaulEngineer

    Please when you release the traincraft 1.7.10. We love this mod!! My minecraft 1.5.2 is close for some reason and the version 1.6.4 too. Now i will stay without this cool mod :'(
    Please if you listen me do everything you can!!! We will waiting for this mod!! There is no mod with trains like that!! Your mod is the best!! Please do not change anything!!! Just make it available on version 1.7.10 forge. And then do anything you want. Add new trains add whatever you want. For now make it available on version 1.7.10 forge. Anything else. Thank you very much

  84. PitBull9010

    You are kidding and making fools from Us, Mrbrutal and Company…
    If You don’t want to make this mod anymore longer, just say that, don’t tell people, that “source code isopen”, because many of them (I also) don’t want (or can’t) to ‘play’ with Your job…
    We are waiting for so long, so don’t make people more angried than You just did…

    1. PaulEngineer

      Pls PitBull9010 i know that you nervous but it can not help MrBrutal update this mod!!! if you will be angry he will give up and will not work with this mod. Pls stop be nervous!!! Im angry too, and sad for that because i do not know what will happens with this mod, but i keep going to believe to MrBruttal that he can do something. He said that his friend that helping him to work on this mod had some differences and let him alone or something like that. He sad for that and at the same time he have to work with this mod!!! Please read this comment everyone and let Mrbrutall calm down a bit. I understand him very good. But one day he will export this mod. I believe him that he will succeed it. Now you will ask me “Who are you that you will protect him and say me this words?”. I answer you: if you were in the position of the MrBrutall, what would you do? If peoples will ask you everytime “where is the mod”? Can you explain me? What would you do if you listen from someone like you the words that you say righ now? Of course in trouble!!! So, think what you do and do not do that again. Im 18 years old and i understand in what position is now MrBruttal. But i believe him that he will surprise us with new models. So do not be nervous!!!

      1. PitBull9010

        he already gave up, but still making fools from Us…
        I’ asking You, Mrbrutal, where this source code is open and why You don’t tell people that You don’t make this mod even more?!

  85. Chowder

    The reason the “source code is open” is because HE ISN’T WORKING ON IT ANYMORE. So instead of pestering him and lecturing him about how you can’t play it, because I’m sure he, and the rest of us all get that you can’t play Traincraft on 1.7.10 right now, find something else to do with your time until someone DOES update it to that version, or go learn Java and do it yourself.

    If you’re just going to continue complaining and have nothing actually constructive to say, then I’d suggest you stop posting.

  86. PaulEngineer

    Hello MrBrutal

    I want to thank you that you realise the traincraft 4.2.1. It is amazing. I can’t say anything. After 1 month of my last comment I install the TLauncher and I run the 1.6.4 forge vversion. I can’t believe that I play aircraft again and with new locomotives. Thank you for all MrBrutal

  87. play2002wh

    Can you add finnish trains: VR Class Sm2, VR Class Sm3, VR Class Sm4, JKOY Class Sm5, VR Class Sr1, VR Class Sr2, HKL Class M100 and HKL Class M200

  88. Leo_LOL

    i left this mod an year ago couse the railcraft allready was 4 1.7.10 it is an even bigger mod and they are allready at like 1.9 im gona leave this mod and not download it untill it is atleast only 1 version behind the minecraft updates (like if minecraft is 1.11 then u should be at 1.10) i will not play it until u manage that and u really should get sm helpers i dunno the code (im 13 i know only like miccrosoft logo) soooo….. bye till then

  89. PaulEngineer

    MrBrutal i have a locomotive for you. Add them if you want :). Ok here we are:

    1) Big Boy (Union Pacific)
    2) LNER Class V2 2-6-2 9 (The Green Arrow)
    3) The Flying Scotsman LNER class A3
    4) The Mallard A4 Pacific engine
    5) Fowler’s Ghost fireless 2-4-0
    6) Oliver Cromwell (British Railways standard class 7)

  90. PitBull9010

    some people are kidding
    first they says that MrBrutal isn’t working on this mod anymore (Chowder),
    and then another people complain: “Hello, MrBrutal, can You do some of these locos?”
    maybe I’m a bit annoying, but we already have a 1.9 minecraft version, and traincraft mod was’nt ready for any of 1.7 version, so don’t tell me, that I don’t have right…
    And for You, Leo_LOL: Railcraft isn’t bigger than traincraft ever was…

  91. Chowder

    All you have to do is read.

    From MrBrutal in his blog, which you can read yourself:

    “PS: Traincraft development is no longer in my hands, so if you want to know how it’s going, follow the GitHub repos. But as I hear, it’s getting updated to 1.7 and 1.9.”

    Needless to say we’re now on version 1.10.2 in MC Vanilla (since you think it’s 1.9) but the point is, and has been, that he isn’t working on this anymore. He isn’t part of developing TrainCraft anymore. Maybe if it’s said a few more times you’ll understand. The torch has been picked up by EternalBlueFlame (and a few others, I believe).

    You can find the GitHub here:

    All you have to do is some simple reading to find this information. Try it sometime. Sorry, but your ignorance is extremely frustrating.

  92. PitBull9010

    yes, maybe Your right, but most of people don’t know, what is happening with the best minecraft mod…
    And don’t be nervous for me: many of them (I can do something in MC, but not so big job as that) can’t make anything except dowloading and installing mods in their MC client…
    And I just want to know when (probably) can I expect Traincraft an in which versions of MC will be avaiable, it’s not a big quwstion, and Mrbrutal is only still repeating “the source code is open”…

  93. Adriel

    Pretty safe to assume this mod is completely DEAD, MC 1.10 is out and no updates since 1.6.4..
    Devs made promises they cannot deliver on Just like Hello Games did with No Man’s Sky…

    With that said me and my team that are actually funded, may take a look at this mod and rebuild it for you whiners on here for 1.7.10 and higher but I am not going to sit here and make promises either. I said we “MAY” look into it..

    1. Playing TC on 1.7.10

      Bit late to the party hey champ? When your “funded team” catch up to 1.7.10 be sure to see how it stands up against the current 1.7.10 iteration of Traincraft….

  94. PaulEngineer

    Guuuuuyyyyys the traincraft finally got the 1.7.10 version yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees we waiting that a long time yeees yeees yeees!!!

    1. Playing TC on 1.7.10

      Paul, you gotta keep an eye on things more, it’s been on 1.7.10 for a number of months now 🙂 Enjoy!!!!

      1. PaulEngineer

        XD thank you bro! But I said that MrBrutal makes the code working on 1.7.10! So what I say is “when something goes wrong, be patient, and wait until the things will be better! Try out work with it! It will prove you how strong you are! “The patience!” So guys enjoy the mod and be happy with the mod! I waited this mod because of MCHeli! Now I have all the kinds of transportation! I will make a whole city wooohoooo!!

  95. PaulEngineer

    MrBrutal I knew that you made it I knew that!! Good job bro (but if it still wasn’t you its not matter! Your mod your rules!!) Thaaanks!! I’m so happy to see the best mod prove its position!!! Bravo MrBrutal bravo congratulations from meee

  96. PitBull9010

    now some people will be waiting for it on 1.8 MC version 🙂

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