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So I’m going to explain a little about how the releases for the new Traincraft rewrite that I’m working on, are going to work. You might have seen the image I posted on twitter yesterday, but if not here it is again ^. It shows the new Jenkins build service I’m using(For the first time now) to make builds for Traincraft, and possibly other mods. I’ll greatly speed up the process, but most of all I won’t need to do things manually anymore.


So how are we going to do releases? Well let me explain. Since Minecraft 1.8 is already out, at some point we will have to switch to that, but as I hear, things are still months away, so no need to worry about that for a while.

1. Release – World generation

In this release, the first one, I aim to do all the blocks that are present in world generation, such as ores, fuel(oil) blocks and what have you. This is so you can load your worlds, and have ores already generated for the future use. Convenient? I think so.

2. Release – Blocks

In this one, the second one, you’ll see blocks that Traincraft uses introduced back into the game. Crafting benches, machines, decorative blocks and so on. Now you’ll be able to start refining those ores for the preparation of other releases.

3. Release – Tracks

Here you’ll get the tracks, both vanilla and those fancy new ones, so you can start building your railways and connections. If we’re adding any new ones, is still too soon to tell, but anything can happen.

4. Release – Trains

Finally we’re doing trains. Why is it like this? Well since trains depend on almost everything I’ve just written about, it’s obvious why they’re last. Among other reasons, such as complexity.


This is just an outline if you will, but things can still change, if need be, or if we decide some other way. I’m not going to talk about any dates, or time periods, because it’s still too early to tell. (Read “I don’t know myself”)

But I will try to keep you posted on the updates, as they happen.



And now for one last thing. I’ve set up a Patreon page, so if anyone is interested, I’d love to see some support on there also. (Has some cool rewards and goals, so check it out and spread the word)


MrbrutalTraincraft releases

7 Comments on “Traincraft releases”

  1. Crossbowarrow

    Hello MrBrutal,
    It is ok if you dont want to talk about releas dates. I think it would be nice if you give us some informations about the development state. Like what is good, what bad where are the Problems. Maybe a cellection of Screenshots of new parts. It would be good to keep the fans happy. 😉 Many Greetings form Germany

  2. william

    I cant wait for the first release it will be awesome !!!! Thanks for all the hard work you guys are putting in to keep this epic mod alive .. your friend TheGeneralZinn

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