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I’m sure you’ve heard of this by now, but if you haven’t Microsoft is to buy Mojang for some absurd money, and Minecraft with it. So why am I writing this you might ask. Well considering Traincraft is a part of Minecraft it seems right to touch on the subject.

Microsoft states as of last I checked that they will keep things the way they are. But considering that the modding and it’s community is in somewhat of a grey area at best, it’s safe to say they will do something about it in the future. You can’t be loosing money. So that’s where Traincraft comes in. Considering I’m doing a rewrite, and I don’t know where things are going I’m at an impasse. On one hand I’d want to continue development, but on the other if modding goes away, I would have done tons of work people won’t be able to enjoy. That’s also why you haven’t heard from us in a while.

If you’ve been on the “scene” or if you follow some modders on twitter, you’ll also realise, that because of this, a lot of people either decided to put modding on hold, or quit for good. It’s not something you’d want to hear, but it’s the sad truth. And that’s what we’re doing with Traincraft, we’re waiting for some info from any party that would either confirm or deny the future of Minecraft(and modding). Well me to be exact, because I’m also sad to say Spitfire4466 has “resigned” and will probably be no longer involved in the development, or minecraft modding, due to events described above and the constant lack of time we both have.

I do hope that thing will settle a bit, and we can get back on track, but I have a feeling things won’t be the same.


Hope to have some good news in due time.


MrbrutalMicrosoft debacle

47 Comments on “Microsoft debacle”

  1. Dulciphi

    I’ve only just seen this now 🙁 and I find it more than just a little confusing. I’m one of your Patrons so I don’t really know what this means. I’m also aware that modding has always been a grey area – that many modders (including the best) are still modding, updating, moving forward and enjoying the game that we all love. So ..yeah I’m a little confused right now and if you can give any more info, I’d really appreciate it.


    1. Mrbrutal

      Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. And I will continue to work on traincraft just like planned. I’m just waiting for some more info from microsoft, on the future of modding. If nothing happens in the next few weeks I’ll continue working on it, and hope for the best.

  2. SithLord2064

    I would imagine that Microsoft would look to companies like EA who allows mods and the like for games like Sim City or The Sims. There is a BIG skinning and modding community for The Sims. I don’t think Microsoft would be willing to piss off the players of Minecraft by not allowing mods.

  3. Scott

    It would be great if you could at least release 1.7.10 no matter what is heard from Microsoft. Traincraft is the ONLY mod I’m waiting on so that I can upgrade my server to 1.7.10. We use it to travel everywhere and to hull materials on my survival server.

      1. Scott

        I meant to finish rewriting Traincraft without the hiatus with waiting to hear something concrete from MS. 🙂
        Don’t get me wrong, I love the mod (even though it’s been a little glitchy with the train car connection), I’m just saying don’t go on hiatus until 1.7.10 is finished please. lol

        Your mod is the best way to get around a map, especially in survival, with materials. If there was another mod that accomplished this effectively I would use that, but there isn’t.

          1. jackboy317

            Please re add the heavy steam locomotive and the USFL Steamer too!

  4. Miner_51

    I beg you to not stop. even if they stop modding, won’t it be in the old versions still?

  5. Spaz198

    I hope for the best for you and your team and the future of modded mc i love traincraft been using it for a couple years for spp worlds and its a blast to drive a train in mc hope everything works out.

  6. MediumSteve

    I am another fan of this mod. Thanks for writing it in the first place, and thanks for your work on the update. I hope you do manage to release a version for 1.7.10. Best of luck.

  7. Nick Whalen

    Are you going to find a new co-dev for this mod? I believe that this is truly the best mod of all time and it deserves to be continued. I doubt Microsoft would put an end to modding, as it may cost them some customers or money.

  8. Michael "Sarconio"

    I decided to look into this mod on a whim after discovering it quite a while ago. I fully support you continuing development for this mod, as this is one of my favourite Minecraft Mods out there! The models are fantastic and I love the entire idea behind the mod! I look forward to seeing how this mod progresses!

  9. Neo Helix

    Mrbrutal Can You Add This Five Trains?
    GE U18C
    EMD G26MC-2U
    GE U20C
    GE C20EMP
    EMD GT38ACe
    GE CM20EMP

    Please? Can You Make That Five Trains?

  10. bob

    thats unfortunate that spitfire resigned being the original author for the coding oftrains and zepplin mod later, train craft

  11. McPackmaker101

    hello I am making a modpack in which the base mod in it is TerraFirmaCraft and I would love to use this mod with it. the transportation would work superbly with the realism of TFC and I would like to know if you could add compatibility with the ore gen between the mods. also if you could add the possibility to use buildcraft oil and turn it into traincraft fuel this would also be very influencial in the creation of the my modpack. I plan to do a letsplay with the modpack first and if possible make it public shortly after. if relased to the public this modpack will be fully available with no restricions.Thank you for reading and I hope you could consider my request. 🙂

  12. skyradz

    Mrbrutal please continue dev on 1.7.2 or .10 also could you ask DAYDiecast to make a london underground 1938 stock….. or you could make it in your spare time

  13. Whew

    I almost though Traincraft had died, like a lot of other mods (invasion mod reference). Thank goodness. Except for Spitfire’s resignation.

  14. Bär

    Any news on development? I really like this mod and would like to see a 1.7.10 version…I would go so far as to re-port the mod myself if I knew how and you gave me permission to do so.

  15. LasseReinboeng

    I understand your hesitation, things have changed now an no one knows where MS wants to go now or later.
    But be assured everyone appreciates a lot what You (and others) have already created here with traincraft.
    I play traincraft with my son + even a friend on LAN and we have tons of fun.
    So we hope it will live in the future,
    Good Luck, keep up the good work,

  16. TSFRJ

    What about you approaching MS about console Xbone and PS4 development Traincraft for console i would pay $20 to $30 for traincraft addon for console or up to $50 for traincraft if they had make it a seperate game for console

  17. ThomasTheTankEngine


    I always loved to play Minecraft with a lot of mods and one of the most important mods for me is Traincraft.
    I cant imagine to play Minecraft without it… well I am spoiled and in 4-5 weeks I wanted to set up a new MC 1.7.10 Server with all those great mods… but one might be missing this time Traincraft *sadface*.

    I really hope, that you will advance the mod to a new level or just port it as it is. Both ways would be fine, since traincraft already does what it is named for… it has trains and they work really well.

    I really hope that Traincraft can have a future… Microsoft this or that. Also… I remember quite some Microsoft games that were heavily modable and one of the best examples might be “Freelancer”. For the time back then, it had a really big modder community and still has some mods today that are still developed actively. I would not see Microsoft as big evil… I think they did support the development in critical parts anyway since 2012 (or even earlier) and I think they are interested in the way it is now. I think they will leave most of what is on PC as it is, they will develop the game some more and try to earn money with that… and they will also set more focus on the xbox version to have it marketed more aggressive on their consoles. See it like this… might be not the first mod that ends up as DLC and the modder earns some nice money.

    If I could code java and had the right to code Traincraft, then I would totally do so. It’s your creation… don’t let it die, please… as it brings so much fun and joy to a huge community.

  18. DevJSB

    You’ve got to be kidding me with this.
    You have an excellent WIP and possible release ( I don’t know)
    And you are throwing the “common” card in the air because as most of us programmers know; Modding is pwn and always has been for Minecraft. This is not Battlefield series. Shame on EAGames. You just watch and see what will unfold with Minecraft and MS.
    Don’t think negative. It’s not going to be negative. That is all I can tell you.
    You (and the others) should consider on some project focus and get it nailed out if you desire fame. If you need help with anything, please ask the MC Community. ( it’s bigger than some countries.)
    Just please don’t worry about MC failing or Mods and coding decline.
    That is complete racket. Go to the ftbwiki_org website and look for MODS list.
    There is numerous things going on and constantly updated per version.
    To sum this up. “Continue to do a great job and you will be rewarded somehow.”
    Millions of people appreciate you and your project(s).

  19. DevJSB

    Sorry I meant to expand a little about MC modding.
    MC will soon have an api\class editor where you can easily create “stuff” by editing\creating the *.class and other files while not using eclipse. 18-11-14

  20. BenGamezHD

    Hey Mrbrutal, I’m a huge fan of traincraft and all, so I was hoping if you can get spitfire back in this. I know it may be very hard to get him back into traincraft modding, but if you can that would be awesome.



  21. FoxKitsune

    So are you still on hiatus or are you working on the 1.7.x update? I just got back into playing with mods and TrainCraft was one of my favorite mods that I used and I was really looking forward to using it again.

    Can you at least give an ETA on an 1.7.10 update?

  22. CLOUD27

    Hey MrBrutal can I Join you in Modding the Traincraft if I Finish my course in IT(Information Technology) would that be ok for you?

  23. ArthurG

    You guys (devs) just found a very good reason to stop development your mod and I think that is because you are too lazy to continue re-writting Traincraft. Take a look at Better Than Wolves mod users, they are still on 1.5.2 version of Minecraft! If Microsoft let modding die, people who can’t play without mods will downgrade to erlier versions of Minecraft.

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