Dear santa, …

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I’m not dead, nor is Traincraft.

So the holidays will be here soon and I want to try and do something like I did last year. At least give you (the fans) something to play with during the holidays. But I wanted to ask Β what you wanted to see, instead of doing something most people won’t like. Here’s what I’m considering doing:

  • Another 1.6.4 version (Old I know, but it’s working and usable)
  • A new 1.7 build (Will only be ore gen probably)

Let me know which you prefer (if any) or if anyone has other ideas, let me know.

If most people choose 1.6.4 some trains and other goodies will probably be added.


About the work on the future versions:

Since we haven’t had any news on the MS/MC front, I’ll probably slowly resume the development, as this is dragging on a bit, and because you (the fans) constantly remind me they love what I (and Spitfire4466) do.

MrbrutalDear santa, …

63 Comments on “Dear santa, …”

  1. BeringTom

    There does not seem to be any choice other then a 1.6.4 version?
    Most of us have been playing 1.7 for so long, that our worlds already got the ores needed.

    I personally love your train models, and combined with Railcraft your mods really shines.
    So I personally would like to pick nither and hope you will continue to do a 1.7 full release at som point in the new year.

  2. Jonathan

    Honestly I’ve been anticipating this mod for 1.7 more than most have been anticipating the new pokemon game. When I was making my 1.7 server it was made in mind specifically of getting this mod.
    That said, if I have learned anything from Sims 4, it’s that a longer wait is better for both the devs and the community.
    The work y’all do is great and it deserves to be seen in its full glory rather than a rushed version.
    I agree with BeringTom that it would be better for a full 1.7 release when it’s ready.

    But if you feel that you absolutely must release something, I would say the 1.6.4 update, I say that because of my own history as an indie game dev, In my experience it’s easier to make/rebuild something when you have a well working and fleshed-out example of what you’re trying to accomplish, even if little to none of said example (graphics and/or code) is reusable.

    1. Whodo

      Sims 4 sucks almost made me stop playing sims all together. How DARE you compare a great mod like traincraft to Sims 4

      1. Richard

        Sorry for late reaction, but it is a own created map with own created software (cab signaling, digital information boards etc). But its private and I have never finish it.

  3. Nike8

    I think 1.6.4. I personally think that you should wait a little bit, until you get a little but more done until you release a 1.7 version

  4. MrWayne802

    My opinion goes to a new 1.6.4 update. Many people still are on 1.6.4 because of the majority of the mods on that version OR because they’re too many mods to update.

  5. joedog

    1.6.4 update sounds good.I think that the 1.7 can wait for completion of it to be a working mod

  6. El Queso

    I would like to see a full 1.7 release, but I am willing to wait on it. I love the things that I have seen and I love this mod. It adds a whole new breath of life to the servers that I play on. In my opinion this mod (though buggy at times) is one of the best mods I have ever used.

    So if you really want to do something for the holidays I’d say 1.6.4. I wouldnt want a rushed 1.7 build.

      1. kerts93

        Depends in who’s eyes. We are running a modpack and we need to update to 1.7. All other mods are updated expect this, but those other mods are unstable/not available on 1.6.

        Also how it is not best to NOT create more updates to 1.7? None of the mods update on 1.6 anymore.

      2. dcw_damon

        I think 1.7 is very populair as of back early 2014. I think 1.6.4 has had its highlights for now. With 1.7.10 you can do much more and much better coding then in 1.6.4 (Like the fact that you will never get any ID conflict).

  7. ThomasTheTankEngine

    I think I would prefer a 1.7 Traincraft.

    Even ore gen for 1.7 till christmas is fine, since it allows people to start their 1.7 worlds at least and usually some time goes by anyway before you can afford those expensive big rail-networks. But it would allow people to start their servers or singleplayer games at the end of this year for good and the rest of traincraft will be added piece by piece in the new year… updating in such a way is usually just a matter of deleting your old and copying the new in the mods folder.

    Also the more work goes to a 1.6.4 version the later we get any 1.7 version… so the sooner you start on the 1.7 version the better (it will need weeks/months anyway, so should be started).

    So…. 1.7 ore gen please… I would totally kiss you for that, if we get it around christmas… as me, my pal and my wife all have around 2-3 weeks holiday and can finally play the Minecraft 1.7 πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for asking the community MrBrutal
    and thanks for your work

  8. skyradz

    you know… I like 1.6.4 but! I REALLY want a London underground 1938 stock…and more british trains… πŸ™‚ please do it!!!!!!

  9. meztek

    I vote for a 1.7.10 update, regardless of what that would mean content-wise. 1.7.10 has been out for so long it would not make sense in my eyes to develop for 1.6.4 especially since the update we need is for 1.7.10, better to move forward if you’re doing a rewrite anyway. Great work and I look forward to seeing your progress as always.

  10. RailLord

    Howdy MrBrutal, RailLord here.
    Honestly, I would prefer a 1.7 version because you can take advantage of the improvements on the game itself over 1.6.4. To me, a stable build in a newer and more stable version of MineCraft is better than a build on a buggy, older version. I don’t mind having to wait for newer locos and whatnot to be implemented. I’d rather see a foothold in a newer version that complimenting mods like RailCraft and BuildCraft have already updated to. Besides, you can’t just rush a new version to come out. To me, it’ll be worth the wait, even if the ore generation isn’t updated until early next year.

  11. MrD00M93

    1.7.10 better, more biome and stuff, its ok even just Ore gen only πŸ˜€ i still can wait for it

  12. MrRail

    I think 1.7 although I would love to have the winter textures back from last year for Christmas.

  13. lehjr

    I vote for 1.7 because any work done there is work on the future of Traincraft whereas anything done in 1.6.4 would be built from the old code base and will likely get discarded during the transition to 1.7.x and beyond.

  14. KidDoesTrains

    Hey Mr. Brutal, a 1.7 version would be nice, cause I can just use my 1.6 version I already have if I want the trains. Also, I’m excited for the overhaul that you mentioned, as I would love to be able to customize the mod to my liking. Thanks, and don’t give up on Traincraft! My railway is depending on you!

    p.s. no pressure! πŸ˜›

  15. alex

    do a 1.6.4 update please add in more British engines such as a class 68, 86 and famous engine like the flying Scotsman and the mallard with skin for different era LNER, BR, wartime, etc. same for the flying scotsman

  16. Ice15882

    The 1.7 update is what I would prefer. Even if it’s just ores, moving on and getting work on it would be better than trying to improve 1.6.4, which doesn’t really need any more work.

  17. Michael "Sarconio"

    I vote 1.7.10 as well. Almost all other supported mods have been upgraded to 1.7.10 already, and it would be best to get started on moving forward rather than doing the same thing over again. I look forward to seeing whatever you have in store for us and keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

  18. Neo Helix

    MrBrutal Can You Add
    GE U18C
    EMD GT26CW
    GE U20C
    GE C18MMI
    GE C20EMP
    EMD GT38ACe
    GE CM20EMP

  19. HellSpawn91

    Hi i am a big fan from your mod and play FTB version 1.6.4 to time but i have a big problem with the track Builder i think i am to stupid for this ore its a bug but if i give the items in the track Builder it take to mutch material 2 tracks and 2 stone fore every block O.o the same with the blocks over the builder and left and right it takes to mutch itmes 1 stack stone and tracks x64 = 32 blocks i have see it on you tube that the builder need 1 track and 1 stone for one block not 2 i am stupid ore i am the only one that have this problem ?

    and new ideas hmmmm a new switch track that i can make double tracks and other curves that i cann make the tracks more dual ^^ and the new tracks for the Track Builder ore make more new tracks later and make a magnetic train ^^

    ps. sorry for my bad englisch

  20. Hyer Weget

    I prefer a full working 1.7. Been playing it for at least months, and that’s the only version you can play the new Applied Energistics, which is the best ever inventory controller. Thanks for all your hard work, guys.

  21. CapricanCatboy

    Voting on 1.6.4, with added units and whatnot. As much as I’d love to see the 1.7 update, I can understand that it is probably projected for release next year, if at all. As for what to include in the new update, I’m voting mostly on new track pieces. My world is built on a one block spacing, rather than the two that the parallel switch demands. Also, small curves and Railcraft alternative pieces? they’ve yet to update their tracks.

  22. bob

    add in turntable.
    and a new track that is two straight parallel track that are joined by something like the parallel switch and both point operate at the same time.

  23. Scott

    1.7.10 would be great. As I stated before Traincraft is the only mod my server is waiting on to upgrade to 1.7.10

  24. SithLord2064

    1.7 I am waiting for this to hit 1.7 so I can start Ore Genning and also restart my Pixelmon. Seriously, trains + Pixelmon would = sooo much win. And Pixelmon isn’t really updating for 1.6.4 anymore.

  25. Steve

    I’d vote for a new (and probably last) 1.6.4 version, fixing any remaining bugs and adding a few of the most requested features/trains. Then start working on a 1.7.10 build, and release a version whenever there’s any major feature finished (ore gen, machines, trains, etc), just like you already planned before.

  26. Estradus

    I feel like 1.6.4 has had more then enough updates by now… This is one of the mods I’m most eagerly awaiting for 1.7, and its certainly active- unlike other mods I was interested in that merely faded away, traincraft has continued to churn out updates… I’m just perplexxed as to why everyone is so focused on it remaining in 1.6.4. We were still having 1.6.4 updates for a good while after it even stopped being relevant, when nearly every other mod had moved foreward. I would appreciate more effort being put towards a 1.7.10 build, and that rewrite that was mentioned… I’m really excited to see how much smoother and more elegant the trains and the system will be after that. I guess I don’t see much point in adding another new train model at this point unless its something really different and new.

    Even though getting ore gen by christmas may not be super useable right away, I’d perfer it to getting ore gen by febuary and letting a few new features for 1.6.4- which will probably have to be rewritten anyway- get in the way of progress.

    1. Estradus

      Okay, thinking back on it maybe I was a little harsh. I think that if the mystery 1.6.4 features included cleaning up the fancy rail code, with more track options like I was reading ideas about the other day, I would be pretty okay with that as it would mean such things would be more prepared for when the full 1.7.10 event comes out. So I guess… if thats the plan? I don’t know. I still havent gotten to try the fancy rails, as the release that added them came out a month or so after I had finally given up on 1.6.4 and I never managed to bring myself back, even for the sake of my love of trains.

      So, yeah, sorry about the grumpiness of my last post, I’ve been suffering from train withdrawl. Watching the hour long “Karlovy Vary – Johanngeorgenstadt” thing with traincraft in it is helping me think more levelheadedly and kindly towards other peoples opinions regarding trains.

      1. KidDoesTrains

        A agree with the 1.7 update fully thought… whether it be 1.7.2 or 1.7.10, it doesn’t matter. I mean, with the new launcher, you can change versions in a snap. Anyways, where did you see the “fancy new track” thread?
        I might need to read that…

  27. Ryan Clark

    I personally agree with the majority of people and want a full 1.7 release. I would also like a few things to be fixed with the trains on the rails and being glitched out at random times. Of you go around a corner there is a chance the train will not be on the same track but one next to the one you are on. D: I don’t like this glitch πŸ™

  28. tom

    what is with all these people looking for 1.7 when you can make anything until the full release where a the 1.6.4 means that layout may be expanded etc.

    1. Michael "Sarconio"

      Because not everybody wants to downgrade to 1.6.4… Progress is about moving forward with the updates, The sooner 1.7 is started, the sooner we can have the full mod and updates on a newer game version. I don’t mind if all I get in 1.7 is terrain generation, it’s a start for now and it means I can start making my modpack for my friends instead of waiting even longer. It’s not like 1.6.4 is going to dissappear either.

  29. sv3nd3r

    Seasons greetings Mrbrutal hope your doing well.

    On this discussion I would have to say a 1.7.10 release would be my preferred choice. Hopefully with the zepplins addded if no other trains. They are one of the better small early game flight items that work well.

    But at the end of the day what ever you manage to release will be fine keeping the mod alive is the more important aspect here as i enjoy the mod and its farmore indepth than railcraft and other train mods.

    1. Scott

      He is going with 1.7.X
      But I believe at first it will only be ores. I really need the trains though too before I upgrade. lol

  30. john,22782.0.html
    Once Forge is out for 1.8, 1.6.4 will be even MORE dead. I will expect the community as a while to start shaming those modders who are still developing for it! Everyone knows my stance on that, so I won’t get into it, but please for my sanity and yours at least update to 1.7.10 u.u,24376.0.html
    Now that this is done, I may be able to actually start work on Forge’s 1.8 update!
    Β« Last Edit: October 17, 2014, 01:50:46 PM by luacs1998 Β»

  31. Brend

    Honestly brutal 1.7 will be needed because sadly some devices cant work with 1.6.4 somehow because of 17.10 i would want to see 1.7.2 or 17.10 because all my other forges dont work EXECPT for 17.10

    Best Wishes, Brendan

  32. Tobias

    Hello Mrbrutal first of all I must say a big praise for their Mod!

    I would only wish that you specify as most other Mod creator a rough date on which the new update comes. It would be for all Traincraft fans a good thing to plan the version changes on Servers and Singleplayer.

    I wish you a happy new year, keep it up!

  33. Ninfer

    I think that a 1.7.2. version will be the best option. Many people have that version prepared to Traincraft.

  34. Optimus13

    Oh man, please do a 1.6.4 version with more trains, more tracks options and with a resolve to this bug :
    when server freeze, it really often happen that the locomotive gets stuck in the wagon just behind and it’s really…annoying.
    Thanks for this magnificient mod,
    a french customer.

  35. Luke's mom

    My turning 8 year old uses 1.7 and would desperately like this mod to work. So if you are still counting votes, I would ask for 1.7… I only know a little bit about the minecraft world πŸ™‚ so I am guessing that is our problem.\
    Thank you!

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