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So it’s been a while since I did a post and it’s high time I did one. As the title says there’s been some new things done for Traincraft, namely the new website, some Patreon goals were reached and more.

You might have seen it already, but the website at has been redone, and now looks like a proper website should. All the downloads are there, all the info you need, and even some pictures and a video. I hope everyone likes what’s been done, and if you have suggestions for improvement, I’d love to hear them. And for the downloads, I’m happy to say that we’ve reached the first goal on Patreon, that is to remove the links from the downloads. (I know we’ve reached it a while back, but it takes some time for Patreon to process, and then for me to actually implement it). So now all download links do not contain any ads or such, but there is still an option, if you should feel inclined to help out.

One more thing, I’ve been gathering the older versions of Traincraft, and I’ve come to realise I’m missing quite a few, so if there’s anyone out there that has the files for the older versions of Traincraft, please get in touch with me, so that I can also provide them on the website.


And now a word on Traincraft, as you know I’m now alone, and have to take care of everything by myself (coding, art, blog, website, …) so things take time, and especially coding. But things ARE moving, albeit slow, so bare with me. I have very little time, so that’s why it’s taking so long.


MrbrutalNew site, patreon goals

23 Comments on “New site, patreon goals”

  1. SithLord2064

    If you need a hand with writing up blog posts, I would be glad to lend a hand. Can’t code worth a damn and am not much good at managing a website. But I would gladly contribute as a guest blogger. Writing up whatever you tell me to and doing a little PR on the MC forum. When I’m not working, of course.

  2. moneybuster

    I would like to help you as well but the only thing I’m good is drawing textures as long as I just have a template so tell if me if you want my help 🙂

    1. moneybuster

      With template I just mean like a blueprint or something so I know where I am drawing 🙂

      1. KidDoesTrains

        Same here. I think I’ve mentioned it before, I’ve done textures for Florida East Coast Railway locomotives (as well as my own fictional Copper Hill Railroad), and if you told me the basics of doing it, I could definately make 3-D models for pretty much any locomotive (although I’d probably do the best at US engines, since I live here). So, just a thought, let me know if you want me too. Alright, good luck on the coding!

  3. Lucarius

    Greetings from Argentina! Glad to see that the mod’s not dead, MrBrutal. Me and my gaming team totally understand your situation and we will keep waiting for you work as long as you need. We appreciate your great efforts to keep this mod running, and thank you. Good luck!

  4. nightb49

    hey, i was thinking of a great train mod for my new mod pack and thought of your previous versions looked it up and saw you havent put an update yet…

    its fine because i dont do coding or anything so i dont understand how difficult it is….
    i just really dont want you to take an eloram vacation….. please

    just have fun with it and i look forward to adding your mod in the future

      1. SamwiseFilmore

        One question. Is there a wikia wiki for this mod? And if there is, I am definetly willing to help out. If there isn’t, let me know and I will either create one, and manage it, or have you create it, and I will, again, manage it. I have less coding knowlege than a monkey, but can manage onlime stuff pretty well, so if you need me to do anything of that sort, I will. Anything to help the mod come faster, and any way to help out.

  5. raghalin

    with forge 1.8 already releaseing. are you still going to do a 1.7.10 or just skip to 1.8?

  6. trainman

    please add a train called the j class 611 I have been wanting it on train craft but it isint on there yet please ANSER ME

  7. bigjoscrabshak

    Thanks so much for all the hard work and effort you are putting into the mod! It is definitely my favorite one! And i cant wait to see it out for newer versions of the game.

  8. TheGamerXD

    Hi ! If you need help with coding , maybe I can help . Let me know if you are interested .

  9. Onii-sama

    I love the new site layout. It looks really neat and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it earlier.

    As much as I’d love to have the 1.7.10 version coming, do take your time, and surprise us with amazing stuff. Thank you for all your work so far!

    1. NitroxydeX

      as he said: he is working on a complete rewrite of the mod. so we have to wait for a 1.7.10-version.

  10. Erica

    I was really excited to get this mod for my son, who eats/sleeps/breathes trains, but since we just downloaded Minecraft on the PC yesterday (previously he played on the PS3), I can’t get the mod to work. Tried switching to an older version of Minecraft 1.6.4, and to an older version of Forge, but I’m obviously doing something wrong because it just isn’t happening. Disappointed because he was so excited to use this mod, and train mods were the main reason we switched from playing on the console to playing on the PC. My husband gave up right away and I’ve been trying with no success to figure this out since last night. Please update, pretty please! Or someone give me the secret of getting the older version to work. I read it might have something to do with the version of Java we’re using, but I’m hesitant to make too many changes to the PC if I’m not even sure what the issue is.

    1. Mrbrutal

      Yes, Java installation might be a problem, since the Java 7 is no longer shipped or supported by Oracle, but is the only version that still works with the older versions of Traincraft. So if the game won’t even start this is the likeliest issue. If the game does start, and you just can’t load a new world, then the mod installation might be a problem in which case I would need a log file the game makes, to see what the problem is.

  11. -SLP-Zephyr™

    Uh hey MrBrutal I think you should add some new tracks to this mode like the S Track in RoW(Rails of War) of Course it will have two Version an S Track that goes to the Right and the Other one goes to the Left, also can you make the Collision/Cross Track from 5×5 to at least 3×3?

  12. Alan Hill

    I pop by from time to time. Congratulations on the new curved track looks really good. I am a patron but only in a small way. I will continue to support your efforts. What you are creating is marvelous, and well worth support.

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