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I’ve had people ask me this all the time, so it’s time to actually do it for real now. But as I imagine there’s a lot of you out there who want to help, I’ll have to divide, or test somehow as I can’t have everyone on the team. For obvious reasons.

So let me just write down what I actually need, and everyone can check how they can help. I’ll still have to pick someone out if a lot of people sign up, but that’s another story. So, let’s get to it:


This person would have great knowledge of Forge and FML and their systems so he/she can assist me when and if I get stuck updating/coding. Preferably someone with a released mod, and with great knowledge of java. When signing up, please provide past work/portfolio.
Are you good with art? You know how to do great pixel images. Sign up. Please also provide past work/portfolio. You will be able to assist with the rewrite, and help make better looking blocks/items/trains.
Since the past few versions and the website changes, the wiki is in shambles, so we need someone to help write it and maintain it. Requirement here is the knowledge of the mediawiki platform. Please also provide past experience.


Sign up below the line.



Do note that these “positions” if I call them like that are totally voluntary and you should do this of your own volition. Please also only sign up if you’re really willing to help and not just to get in contact with me, you can do that other ways. Also, you will be doing this for free, just like I am, and everyone else in modding probably, but you already know that. If I forgot something, let me know and I’ll add on.



MrbrutalWant to help out?

18 Comments on “Want to help out?”

  1. acollins41198

    Darn, I almost fit all of the requirements.

    I know Java, but I’m not very familar with Forge or FML

    I’m decent at making pixel images of things, but many people are better

    I can definetly maintain a wiki, but I don’t have references or specific experience with MediaWiki

    1. acollins41198

      Out of curiosity, what train mod? The only other one I’ve really heard of is Rails of War.

  2. Jman

    If I sign up for designing, could you give me a 3D white template? Cuz I don’t know how to make it from scratch.

  3. Wafflegeddon229

    Hey i really want to help with this mod especially with the coding but i have no knowledge of any coding yet. I singned up as a wiki writer but later down the line i was wondering if i can help with coding if i get it down pretty good.

  4. MggMuggins

    I have already contacted you about working on the wiki, but I thought I would sign up anyway. I don’t want to seem impatient (even though I am), but how is the mod coming? Are you skipping any versions?


  5. Michael

    This is more of a question realy.And maybee you’ve answered this in previous posts but i’ll ask it anyway.Are there any future plans for a realease of traincraft on minecraft 1.7.10 and if so when can we expect a release date ?if at all aplicable.

  6. Sean

    wow i meet like 98.9% of these requirements. I already signed up so, now i wait………………………

  7. SandfleaTheGreat

    Mrbrutal I have just started learning how to use Java in an academy and will possibly be able to help you with your mod as a Code Helper after all the units on Java,. Other than that I hope I cant really help you, but wish you luck on the mod!

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