Want to help out? part 2

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So by now you’ve probably heard that in the earlier post I asked for help. I’ve let it run for about a week now and we’ve had quite a few people offer to help. (There’ll be a graph down below, for those graph lovers). Now I’ve taken the time to reply to everyone that sent the submission, so everyone should have at least one e-mail from me. If you haven’t received yours yet, please be patient. Now that some of the work will be of my back(hopefully) I’ll be able to focus on coding more.


And since I forgot to put this in the last post, I’m putting it here, now. Just drop me an email if interested.

This person would have knowledge of the PhpBB forum platform. Also you need to have at least some experience in being a forum moderator. And preferably you have some spare time, and a willingness to drum up some people.
MrbrutalWant to help out? part 2

68 Comments on “Want to help out? part 2”

  1. MggMuggins

    Not to be impatient or anything, but when will we start? I know that I personally have to get skype, but besides that, are we good to go?

      1. saucy_foods

        An idea would be to have mod addons for the other countries. so like there would be the base mod with might be called something like: Traincraft Base Mod and things in it would be the rails, the crafting stations, parts to craft the trains, blocks; everything that was not a train. There would also be the addon mods like for the U.S.A it would be called Traincraft USA train addon. if there was one for, the UK it might be called Traincraft UK addon. so the addons would have trains form THAT countries.

        (This comment is only a suggestion)

          1. KidDoesTrains

            I agree completely. If that happened I would be very comitted to working on USA (Im from it)
            Even then, Im glad to do textures. I have experience in making traincraft and Trainz 12 reskins.

      2. xTMTRGAMERx

        Well I do have an idea for another train, you should model a P-42 for amtrak and add the amfleets and superliners. But then again, just an idea

  2. Jordy Smeets

    Is it possibly for me to learn and make more trains for you guys? I have experience on gmax and with train simulator 3d models but I would love to expand out more.

    Jordy Smeets

  3. Minecarftmano9

    Hey Mrbrutal, I see you have no one that wanted the form job. Riggs64 and I would like to help with it, since we have a server we could post bugs to help that we find along the way.

  4. Kenny

    I’ve applied via e-mail. Let me know if you’re interested, totally down to help out an awesome mod as best as I can.

  5. Mine8454

    Hello! I see that few has signed up for the forum job, so i thought i could maybe try.. I have lots of experience with HTML(hyper text marking language) &CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). Although i have little experience with PhpBB, i have read a little about it.. I think i can handle the most you can toss at me. I think i have just enough spare time to do this.. In advance, Thank you.

  6. joeking

    i don’t want more train just a couple bugfixes and it updated to 1.7.10 asap please. also can i have it in my modpack for when it comes out. it will be a month in progress by time it comes out does that count?

  7. Lucas Shinoda

    Hi, I’m looking for develop some mods, so I want to know if will have a api for traincraft.

    1. Scott


      Probably not. Or at least not until after release 1.7.10
      He has never released and API before AFAIK. He is very busy from what I have read with school, work and life. Also Traincraft is a sizeable mod, so I’m sure it’s not easy to produce an API.

  8. Xenon

    hi all good job on the pack by the way been waiting for the 1.7.10 update for awhile now any ideas on when its gonna be released? dont worry im not pushing just cant wait 😉 i know theres probably alot to do im not worried about more trains just an update thanks and keep up the good work i would say id help out but i dont have any of the skills required above so look forward to more.

  9. Steve

    I would like to help, although I have relatively no experience on Minecraft modmaking, but I will try my best with my Source Engine modding skill.

  10. Unknown025

    As much as I would like to help, I have no experience as a “forum moderator” and have minimal experience coding. Nevertheless, I would like to help in any other way (beta testing, maybe?).

  11. Johnny QQQ

    Pleasepleaseplease can you guys take the time to look at the Real Train Mod. can you incorporate their rail placement and a couple more things!!!

    1. Scott

      It’s hard to do some things without the actual code. Besides to do something a different way might require a huge re-coding. Honestly I have no issue with how Traincraft does their rail placement. Also, what are a couple more things? Being vague does not help.

      1. saucy_foods

        that’s true, and rail placement is good, but an idea would be to have mod addons for the other countries. so like there would be the base mod with might be called something like: Traincraft Base Mod and things in it would be the rails, the crafting stations, parts to craft the trains, blocks; everything that was not a train. There would also be the addon mods like for the U.S.A it would be called Traincraft USA train addon. if there was one for, the UK it might be called Traincraft UK addon. so the addons would have trains form THAT countries.
        (This comment is only a suggestion)

      2. JohnnyQQQ

        I just feel that you are limited with the track placement in Traincraft. But with Real Train Mod, it seems that it’s more liberating in terms of track placement. Also the signs In which when the train is arriving in Rtm would look amazing in Traincraft. Monorail also looks amazing. Although I hate the trains in rtm, some of their features are nice.

        1. ShadowXeon

          lol you dont know how to customise RTM! i got like 5,000 different trains, mainly consiting of either jr 205 series bandai or jr e231 series bandai! ask me anything from coupling to making working points

  12. ShadowXeon

    You heard it here first. A place where news are posted about the mod.”

    Please, you made a Brutal (cough cough) mistake,
    Please fix it before i lose all my hair.

    “A place where news IS posted about the mod”

  13. Dim4ik

    I really like this mod. Thanks to the authors for its creation. Continue to maintain this creation.I am waiting for update

  14. xXerlingXx

    Hey. I will think that animations on the whells and the bars turning them, like in Rails of War would be awsome. But not that complicated, just the whells turning and the bars moving the wheels. Hope the update wil be out soon. Keep making the things u are making. 🙂

    1. TrainSheep

      The br80 already has animations on the wheels, I think it was a test, so it cant be too complicated…
      Wating for the 1.8 version…
      sorry for my English 🙂

      1. xXerlingXx

        Year same thoughts here. Hope the update would be out soon 🙂
        And sorry fore MY English 🙂

  15. Dugen P


    I recently put in a application for wiki and never received a response. Will you let me know soon please?


    Dugen P

      1. MacTirom

        Mrbrutal pls pls answer me. are you work on the mod? Comes new versions? the last is the 4.2.1_011 come soon a new? Or is the mod death :/ ?

        Sry for my bad english.

  16. Redstone_Fox

    Hey, Brutal, I can’t wait to see what kinds of trains get added in. I’ve loved Traincraft dearly and have used it ever since I found it, and now I await it’s return in a glorious blaze of combat and– *gets pulled off to the side* — Okay, I’ve been told that you can’t legally do that, but I still await it’s glorious return.

    1. Minecarftmano9

      That is a common bug, it only happens when you a lagging. There is no way to fix that.

  17. xXerlingXx

    Hey there. Im back. I will just ask if there is an idea about when the new update will be realeased? And what would be new?

    Keep working guys 😀

    Sorry fore my english

  18. rolex575

    I have a bug. Don’t know if it’s related to other mods, but when I couple 2 wagons together, then leave the game and come back, they aren’t anymore and trying to attach them gets them running wildly in one direction on the rails. Besides that and other (quite similar) problems, it would be cool if you added some UK trains, like the Mallard (steam) or some diesel or electric modern trains.
    Also, when will there be “3d” electric rails? You could model it as a third rail that runs alongside the track, see here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_rail
    Otherwise great work. I could help with modelling some of the and maybe coding some small things (like maybe adding redstone controlled semaphore signals).

    1 simple question: could you lower the driver’s position in locomotives (when in 1st person view)? Right now the field of vision is very limited and you can’t see much :).

  19. tjwmagic

    Hey, I noticed your request for help. Especially with the forms. I have some wonderful knowledge in PhpBB, as I use that forum board software for my FIRST Robotics team. I also work with wordpress.com and .org, if you need any of that help. Let me know if you need any help, I would be more than glad to assist.


  20. Wulf Plays Games

    I was Wondering if you could add a Berkshire like the polar express? just a question.

  21. Elfnet

    Has this project stalled or no longer being worked on, We haven’t heard anything and would really like MC 1.7.10 support

  22. Kratz

    Did you think about posting sources on github? Maybe more people would contribute after that.
    …and also having access to it would allow me to fix this myself:
    2015-12-02 18:57:13 [SEVERE] [Minecraft-Server] Encountered an unexpected exception IllegalArgumentException
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Slot 255 is already occupied by extrabiomes.blocks.GenericTerrainBlock@59df7c70 when adding src.train.common.blocks.BlockOreTC@de92748
    at net.minecraft.block.Block.(Block.java:349)
    at net.minecraft.block.BlockSand.(BlockSand.java:22)
    at src.train.common.blocks.BlockOreTC.(BlockOreTC.java:28)
    at src.train.common.blocks.TCBlocks.loadBlocks(TCBlocks.java:43)

    Looks like ExtrabiomesXL and Traincraft are sharing the same slot ID. Fortunately https://github.com/ExtrabiomesXL/ExtrabiomesXL is there with properly taged releases so I had a chance to fix this. Anyway, think about github too. 🙂

    1. Mrbrutal

      This doesn’t need fixing because it’s not an error. It’s just an ID missmatch. That’s why every mod has it’s own config file, where ID values can be changed/updated. Any user of the mod can do this, and it does not require any coding or fixes.

      1. Kratz

        Yes, I found out that those mods have IDs in config files. But I still added patched ExtrabiomesXL into my modpack to make sure there won’t be collision even when someones deletes config. Also finally updated Traincraft to 4.2.1 and it works fine.

  23. xXerlingXx

    Hey there. Im just here to say happy December! To MrBrutal, he’s crew and evrybody else!

    Sorry fore my english

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