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So after some deliberation, and a talk with my friend and co-writer Spitfire4466 we’ve decided that the best thing to do, since we’re pressed for time as it is, is to open source the mod in hopes of continuation.

Now before anything else, let me put some misconceptions out there to rest.

  1. Spitfire4466 didn’t leave because we had our differences, he left because we don’t have enough time to work on TC anymore.
  2. I don’t need his permission to do anything, but I did ask him because it’s the right thing to do, since he’s the original author.
  3. It is as much my mod as it is his. We’ve both done a lot of work on it and have spent many hours doing so.

I’m sorry that this took as long as it did, but I was seriously hoping I’d find some time to work on this. Maybe I still can at some point and I’m hopping I get the chance to contribute again if I can. I still have plenty of cool ideas and things that Traincraft could benefit from and if anyone will be willing to include them, Traincraft could again be one of the great Minecraft mods.

Now here is what I want from the community in exchange for opening up the sources: That the Tracraft remain in my hands, and that I stay on the team. I will continue to look over the website, the forum, wiki and the blog, and help out where I can with information and other things. I’m also going to try to write-up some tutorials on how to get setup, or how to do 3d models and textures if anyone is interested. What I really want is to have a chance to come back, should I find the time to do so. Obviously the code can be forked and subsequently different mods be made but that’s another story. I am only concerned for the continuation of Traincraft.

I have some free time till the end of the yeah which is when I will prepare the code for the github and upload all the necessary files. I will upload the old code(1.6.4) and the little coding that I have done for the 1.7.10. and then it can be decided which is better to work on.

So stick around and find out more.

And have a great December!


MrbrutalOpen source

29 Comments on “Open source”

  1. saucy_foods

    i noticed something when dinking around in the TC files: there are textures for SIGNALS! also for DIFFERENT locomotives.
    also i was wondering: is it possible to change the 3d models for some trains? im makeing a super resource pack for USA and i wanted to change some of the forien trans.
    also thanks for my favorite mod and keep up the good work
    Saucy Foods out

    1. Mrbrutal

      No, since the trains are coded in, and not 3d models. So what it would have to be done is to re-code the trains and then make a new version.

  2. PaulEngineer

    When when when when pls when it come when mod will be updated pls we all need this mod it is so amazing great work very well done I want to say something none mod is so good like TC but if you update it it will be the most amazing mod ever seen for me just do for us please we believe you and much more I I believe you that you can do that keep going my frieeeeeeeeeeeend

  3. Atelerix_

    Been checking back on this every few weeks for the past year and a half. Can’t wait to see what you can do with this once you get your hands on more bodies to help. I look forward to this mod being up to date. Keep it up there man.

  4. EternalBlueFlame

    Well, if this is going open source I’ll have to lend a hand when I can.
    I would have signed up before to help with the code, when you asked for extra hands previously, but I have far too much going on to dedicate myself to a project.
    I’m really looking forward to what will come from this.

    QUESTION: if someone wanted to make a fork for a 1.8/1.9/whatever port of the mod, would that be okay?
    I’m not concerned with either of those at all currently, but I’m sure there are people who would be.

  5. xXerlingXx

    Deam Son! Im crying tears of joy! It is fantastic to see MrBrutal writing again. See some life in here. I am wery happy to read this and will be looking forward to this, and i will be checking the webside and blog every day!

    And Happy December to you Sir!

    Sorry fore my english

  6. AttilaTheFoursh

    When you said “the little code for 1.7.10” is that part of the coding where it will be compatible with 1.7.10 or does it still need work to make it where it at least is compatible with Minecraft 1.7.10 (Forge of course).

        1. EternalBlueFlame

          If you can successfully build it from the raw source, technically. But judging by Mr.Brutal’s comment “there’s nothing there yet” I would assume at most the only thing in there is the ore directory.

          The point of a total rewrite (usually) is to start the project over from absolute nothing and get back to where it was previously, using the skill and knowledge you gained previously so it will be more efficient and easier to expand upon later down the road.
          Depending on how messy the old source is, it can be faster and easier to do it this way versus trying to update the old source.
          On some occasions a change in IDE/API (in this case forge) can make updating the old version even harder and give more point to a rewrite.
          I am not saying these are the reasons for the rewrite, more-so they are examples of why someone would want to go to this extreme.
          I’ve had to do this with a few of my own projects.

  7. KillerMapper

    The only thing I want for now are tracks, to build awesome railroad system. Working trains can come later I won’t mind. I hope someone will be able to help MrBrutal to realise this!

  8. John

    This is really great news, you really made my day.
    I am just wondering, what license is it going to be?

  9. KidDoesTrains

    I would love to have tutorials on 3d models, textures are pretty easy to figure out. Also track tutorials would be AWESOME if possible. I feel like you’ve made a great decision to make this mod open source, hopefully soon it will get the kind of content creation Flans Mod has. I know I’m going to make TONS of models and textures for sure. If anyone has requests or questions please send an email to:
    –redacted for security reasons–
    Thanks again Mr. Brutal!

    1. Mrbrutal

      Thanks, but it’s a little early to jump to that train, we have to make a working version first. 🙂 I redacted your email for security reasons, so please don’t post it like this.

  10. Slaz83

    Please, before Christmas. This was to be a present, then we discovered it’s a no go. He asked Santa for TC. Please let this miracle happen!

  11. Zenith08

    Is there at least one train added in the 1.7.10 version of Minecraft? I am a begining Modder and would like to help but I don’t know how to add a train to MC 1.7.10.

  12. Manokiller

    Thanks for doing what you’ve and Spitfire have done so far Brutal. As a railroader and a gamer, it always makes me and my friends smile to play with what you created. Thanks for having the courage to share to open source your creation :).

    Ill see about looking into it when I can, one of my hobbies was java scripting and have taken a few full courses. Cant wait to try and help get it to 1.7!

  13. Jeff

    MrBrutal, I hope you will let more people know about this, maybe on the forums or something. It would be better to have much more people know about this, as lots of people are craving for traincraft 1.7 or 1.8

  14. Krist

    THANK YOU. I’m so glad you decided to open-source this and let your work live on with fresh life breathed into it by other’s hands, rather than letting it die a moldy, pre-mature death.

  15. Nib-RA

    I congratulate you on your hard work and dedication MrBrutal, therefore be one of the coolest mods that been for Minecraft, is for me one of my favorite mods since I played the version 1.6.4 of this game; I wanted to express is that I own a package of mods I became myself and I want to add your fabulous mod but unfortunately, try searching for your upgrade to at least version 1.7.10 but has not been and why I waited so long!! I understand you had some problems with one of his collaborators and has not had time to follow the continuity of their great mod but at yes, I’m very anxious to get this mod to version 1.7.10, because as it is one of my favorite mods because I want to know what it brings, both trains, wagons and other gadgets bringing large train stations in the world.

    I appreciate if you take into account this comment and’m honest, I’m getting further in the world of modding minecraft and then I recently noob for this as if I had some experience in this, he would help keep the continuity of your mod.

    PS: By the way, sorry that my English is very crude since much is not English, rather, not a few words and I have to write what I want to express to the translator of Google, I hope you understand what I’m trying to tell you, Greetings and I hope that culminates this wonderful mod

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