Traincraft for Minecraft 1.7.10.

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It’s finally here, with a lot of help from the community.

Traincraft for Minecraft 1.7.10. is out and you can now keep on playing it. This is just an update of the existing functionality, the total rewrite is in the works. Here is where you can get it:


Official website:

We also have a new Minecraft-Forum thread:

Thanks to everyone that helped and everyone that took their time to not let this mod die.
Original Authors: SpitFire4466, Mrbrutal
Artwork and models: DAYdiecast, Ontax, Skspajdalfsks
Help with new turning mechanic: Naiten
The Forge Team for their awesome API
The 1.7.10-port-Team: EternalBlueFlame, NitroxydeX, FirEmerald, Hagrud
The 1.10.2 rewrite Team: canitzp

Have fun,

MrbrutalTraincraft for Minecraft 1.7.10.

21 Comments on “Traincraft for Minecraft 1.7.10.”

  1. LeandroxL

    Yes! Finally! My wait is finally over, one of the best mods is back! But, in version 1.7.10!

  2. Nimak

    Wow! this is an unexpectedly pleasant surprise. I thought this mod was dead for sure.

    Thank you so much for porting it, this will make a lot of people happy 🙂

  3. Acela_King

    OMFG It really is here! I have had this mod on my server for about 1 year now but have been playing it for 3 YEARS! I love that its not dead. Some comments from 1.6 said something Its dead just give up. But I knew it was not! This is amazing! Thank you to all the creators for making this 😀

  4. Spaz1986

    Thank you and your team very much been waiting to finish my modpack and it was just not complete with out this.

  5. AaronDaBaller



    Great to see this finally updated! I started playing with it almost instantly.

    Tracks Builder:

    Bugs: There really is only one bug with this and that is that when you place it, it renders the tracks builder in the wrong direction. I started it up and it started building towards me instead of away.

    New GUI Ideas: This is not a complete rebuild of the GUI, just some additions to make using the tracks builder easier and even more useful than it is now.

    My first idea is not really for the GUI at all. It is to allow the auto- imputting of items into the builder. My other ideas have to do with the GUI to solve the slots problem. My first one is to be able to enable/disable slots inside the tracks builder via buttons above or on the sides of the slots. This would not be for all them though, just the block slots or “bridge blocks” slots. The fuel and track slots would ONLY accept any fuel or track and NOT ANY OTHER items or blocks. The reason for that is because it is not super necessary to have buttons there. My next idea is to have a locking button as well. Basicly this would allow you to “lock” the block that you would want to have put in that specific slot. Even when empty, other blocks still would not be allowed in those slots until you would unlock it, doing that would clear the setting for that slot.

    I hope yiu take into consideration these ideas because I think that these would make the tracks builder A LOT more useful in the end. I do not like to have to ,”babysit” if you will, the builder and refuel and fill it constantly.

    I posted this here because the Meansoft forum has not been used in over 2 years.


      Hi, me again. I found another bug with the tracks builder. When I put a rail transport car behind the tracks builder it started putting blocks inside of that car. It should not because that car ONLY carries different track types. Otherwise the functionality of the tracks builder is great!

  7. Emily

    Hooray!!! Thank you Mr. Brutal, and all who helped keep Traincraft alive.

    My son recently asked me to check if Traincraft had been updated to 1.7.10, once again, as he’s done every few days for over a year. I didn’t dare hope…Google results for Traincraft updates are always fake, right? but this time, Curse had the update. A legit site. Yeah!

    My son was sitting next to me, and I told him…Buddy, you’re not going to believe this!!!!! Traincraft is in 1.7.10!!!!! He’s been over the moon for the past week :).

    He has a ADHD and other mild delays, and has had an obsession with trains, Traincraft and Minecraft in general for years. Trains and Minecraft bring him so much joy, help him socialize with other kids (shared interests), and help him understand math & engineering concepts.

    A while ago I’d promised to chip in financially if you were truly still working on the mod. Just went to your Patreon and signed up to contribute monthly.

    Thank you for bringing my son (and me) so much joy :)!

    -Emily & London

  8. Palidanmine

    what texture packs i this compatible with. And what is the texture pack used in the Train craft future video???

  9. Niels Hansen

    For Mrbrutal and all of the teams that has made this possible: i give you me sincere thanks :

  10. Charlie

    found a bug. i dont know why but i cant make the fibre-reinforced plastic in the train workbench!

  11. PitBull9010

    now we can wait for another further versions of this, when we playing on 1.7.10
    Good job, GUYS!!!
    Keep going on this great job!!!

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