Dear santa, …

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I’m not dead, nor is Traincraft. So the holidays will be here soon and I want to try and do something like I did last year. At least give you (the fans) something to play with during the holidays. But I wanted to ask  what you wanted to see, instead of doing something most people won’t like. Here’s what I’m … Read More

MrbrutalDear santa, …

Microsoft debacle

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I’m sure you’ve heard of this by now, but if you haven’t Microsoft is to buy Mojang for some absurd money, and Minecraft with it. So why am I writing this you might ask. Well considering Traincraft is a part of Minecraft it seems right to touch on the subject. Microsoft states as of last I checked that they will … Read More

MrbrutalMicrosoft debacle

Traincraft releases

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So I’m going to explain a little about how the releases for the new Traincraft rewrite that I’m working on, are going to work. You might have seen the image I posted on twitter yesterday, but if not here it is again ^. It shows the new Jenkins build service I’m using(For the first time now) to make builds for Traincraft, … Read More

MrbrutalTraincraft releases

New site and blog

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So what I’ve done in the past couple of days is updating all my sites, as you might have seen. They’re all done properly now with WordPress, and I’ve also added some more services that with help with development. This is it for now, but it will get even better in the future when I add more stuff.   So if everything … Read More

MrbrutalNew site and blog

The future of Traincraft

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Damn that’s a wall of text :/ Some time has passed again and you still don’t have an update for 1.7. Today I’m going to explain why and what will be happening with Traincraft mod in the future. So let’s get to it. Rewrite Spitfire and me were talking and decided, that it’s been 3 years already of the mod … Read More

MrbrutalThe future of Traincraft

Traincraft 4.2.1.

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We’ve made a new version and probably the last of 1.6.4. versions, before switching to 1.7. This brings further bugfixes to tracks, and a few new models, thanks to Ontax and Skspajdalfsks for making them.   If all the new trains don’t show up, delete the Traincraft.cfg file and restart MC. You can download the mod here, or even better on … Read More

MrbrutalTraincraft 4.2.1.

Traincraft map

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So as requested here is also the download link for the map that you saw in the video we made. The map was built by Spitfire4466 and we’re giving it to you to also play and experiment on.   Download HERE the readme file is also included with instructions.  

MrbrutalTraincraft map

Traincraft 4.2.0

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So here it is at last. The one you’ve all been waiting for. The ultimate Traincraft update if I may say so. So I hope everyone will enjoy it very much. (Here’s the video again, if anyone missed it, but I doubt it) Now a word on the actual update and the future. This is a really big update and … Read More

MrbrutalTraincraft 4.2.0

OMG please can you make trains bigger?

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This has been asked like a million times, and I feel I should talk a bit more about the scale, and why is it the way it is.   When Traincraft was started by Spitfire4466 long time ago, the vanilla game didn’t have much, and the carts seemed to be big enough. Even the locos he made were about the … Read More

MrbrutalOMG please can you make trains bigger?